Lowcock Surname

I started researching the Lowcock surname because, being candid, it’s not that common or famous, so there’s no easy to find facts available. I am by no means an expert, more a very amateur enthusiast. I do occasionally (like once or twice a year) play around on Ancestry.com but that’s about it.

I update the pages as I learn more information, so please bookmark this page and come back for the latest findings (or get notified of pages updates using VisualPing). If you’re interested, this page was last updated Last updated: September 24, 2017 at 20:52 pm

If you are looking to research the Lowcock family name, history, please read the content on these pages. From my research, the only direct relationship to me I have found is Henry Lowcock, the inventor of the Lowcock Plough.

If you’re in a real hurry and just want to see photos of what I found, checkout the Lowcock Genealogy pinterest page.

Lowcock: UK 1800-1900s

If you’re interested in historical people and things associated with the Lowcock name, you’re in the right place. The below list is for those with the Lowcock surname living in the UK between 1800-1900.  There is some more detail for the family behind the Lowcock Plough, as I am related and I tracked their migration to Australia.

Each of the above Lowcock family members come from a different part of the UK. I put together a handy map for some context.

Lowcock Genealogy

If you are a genealogy or family history buff, and an expert on Lowcock genealogy, keep in mind that I am not an expert and if you know anything different – please let me know. Also, if your surname is Lowcock, please link to this page so that more people can be aware of Lowcock family history.

About Me (Joshua Lowcock)

I don’t claim to be famous or important, but if you are interested in me I do hold US Patent 20060101492, Mobile Television Reminder Alert. In answer to your unspoken question, no I am not rich and did not make money from it. Although it has been referenced by the likes of AT&T, Sprint, Research in Motion (aka Blackberry), Qualcom, Warner Bros and others.

Mike McColl-Jones, an Australian comedy writer, was kind enough to thank me in a book he wrote about Australian TV personality and comedian Graham Kennedy AO. I had the good fortune to work for a television broadcaster for a few years, which is where I met Mike.

In my professional life, I am occasionally quoted or mentioned in media and I am on the Advisory Board of Rutgers University Big Data Certificate program. My family and I currently live in New York.