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2019.02.01 Last Week in Digital Media

An earlier edition of Last Week in Digital Media in an attempt to get your attention before the Super Bowl (or Superb Owl, as Google might have you believe). Here's the news you may have missed: GENERAL Hulu is working on a new pause-based advertising unit available in Q2 of this year. The ad unit appears more like a banner, on the right side of the screen with Hulu taking steps to address concerns around viewability, user-experience, and brand safety. Charmin and Coca-Cola are early adopters of the ad unit. After Buzzfeed's round of layoffs it emerged that one of ...
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2019.01.25 Last Week in Digital Media

Welcome to another update, here's what you might have missed Last Week in Digital Media. GENERAL Mark Zuckerberg posted an Op-Ed on the WSJ titled "The Facts About Facebook". The post has been criticized by some for being dismissive of the challenges and concerns faced over the past 12 months. However, there is a positive takeaway (paraphrasing) where Zuckerberg affirms "important principles around data are transparency, choice, and control ... (and) ... regulation that codifies these principles across the internet would be good for everyone". It's the first time Zuckerberg has publicly come out in support of regulation vs industry self-regulation. Media ...
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2019.01.18 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's the news you may have missed last week in digital media. GENERAL Spotify continues to work on ways to make their music service the go-to in every part of your daily life. This time  with a car-view mode in the Android version of the Spotify app, so that the app is easier to use and less distracting when driving It's also rumored that Spotify is working on a standalone in-car music player for release in 2019, that could retail for around $100 and be bundled with a Spotify subscription. Facebook is working on yet-another app targeted at teens, this ...
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2019.01.11 Last Week in Digital Media

Welcome back to Last Week in Digital Media and the first one for 2019. Lot's of news this week! CES 2019 The best download from CES innovation comes from the IPG Media Lab and I recommend you read their blog posts highlighting each day. During my walks of the floor, what stood out was "assistant everywhere". Whether it was Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, the ability to connect, support, or have them integrated into devices was prevalent across so many devices. There were smart toilets, smart closets, smart Set Top Boxes, and smart plug-ins for your car. There's clearly a belief across hardware ...
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2018.12.14 Last Week in Digital Media

It's the last Last Week in Digital Media for the year. Thanks for reading, sharing, and notes of encouragement throughout the year. GENERAL The IPG Media Lab has published an excellent retrospective of the year, reviewing progress in six (6) key areas from regulation, to voice search and AR. Something to read and reflect on over the holiday break and prior to CES. Verizon's acquisition of OATH: continues to struggle, with Verizon taking a US$4.5B write-down on the OATH: business (essentially all of the goodwill) with layoffs expected. There are also reports that OATH: mind wind down/close some Yahoo! and AOL brands ...
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2018.12.07 Last Week in Digital Media

Welcome back to Last Week in Digital Media. This week, I'll include some of the major stories that broke during my the newsletter hiatus. This will also be the second last update of the year given the Holiday season is just around the corner.  FACEBOOKThe last issue covered revelations about Facebook's alleged behavior toward competitors. During the week, the UK parliament released a 250pp document (PDF) with Facebook correspondence that was seized from a company called Six4Three. Here's what you need to know: the documents seized from Six4Three reveal details on Facebook's decisions about data, privacy, and who should have access ...
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2018.11.16 Last Week in Digital Media

Yes, I know I said there wouldn't be the Last Week in Digital Media update this week but given the Facebook news (read on) I had to find a way to get an update out. I hope you find it useful. FACEBOOK The New York Times published an article on Facebook that alleges an executive-led process of denial, cover-up, and really questionable tactics to deflect scrutiny away from Facebook and towards competitors. The full article is a must-read but the NYT also published 6 key takeaways. As a result of the NY Times piece, there are active calls for regulation of Facebook come ...
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2018.11.09 Last Week in Digital Media

There will be no Last Week in Digital Media for the next few weeks, updates will resume in December. If you miss the newsletter, there is always the archive, every past issue is available online. GENERAL Amazon has launched an Alexa app for Windows 10 PCs. Available for free from the Windows Store, the app works with Alexa skills and continues Amazon's push to make Alexa available everywhere. Ever sent something awkward on Facebook Messenger? Spotted in the iOS software release notes, the ability to unsend Facebook Messenger messages is "coming soon" provided you unsend within 10minutes. As part of Facebook's holiday marketing, ...
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