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2017.09.22 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's the news you may have missed : Instagram has added the ability to use face filters in live broadcasts. The feature is rolling out globally over the next few weeks. While no ad opportunities are available yet, it may prove useful for branding events where live streaming is popular (concerts, sports, festivals, etc). Google acquired part of HTC, a handset manufacturer who made the most recent Pixel phone. This is not the first time Google made the move into hardware, acquiring Motorola Mobility in 2012, only to offload it in 2014. So don't read too much into this, it could ...
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2017.09.15 Last Week in Digital Media

think with Google live Wednesday, 9/20 at 1pmET, think with Google will host a live Q&A on social between Bethany Poole, Director, Ads Marketing and Joshua Lowcock, EVP and chief digital officer at UM, on how mobile is changing consumer behavior and what these shifts mean for marketers. Viewers can tune in via Facebook Live. This is open to everyone (UM, clients and the public). The news of the week: Apple announced new iPhone's, a new Apple Watch and AppleTV device. None of which you probably missed, and if you did - there's good perspectives on the IPG Media Lab site ...
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2017.09.08 Last Week in Digital Media

After a brief hiatus, the newsletter is back! Sharing updates from last week and also some of the more noteworthy news from the past few weeks. Linked In has officially launched their Audience Network product. The product has been in beta for several months. The Linked In Audience Network lets your reach professionals based on their Linked In profile across the open web.. Yelp has also made available a Local Audiences product. Data points available include not only geographic data but also brand and category interests. Like Linked In, audiences can be targeted on the open web. Proof that eSports is gaining ...
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2017.08.14 Last Week in Digital Media

Before I begin, a correction to last week. I incorrectly said that Instagram was introducing public stories. It is Facebook that is introducing public stories. Instagram stories have always been public. the UK Government published a statement of intent on data protection which would make it a criminal offense to re-identify anonymized data. There is a 30 page PDF document available. While it may not seem relevant to the US, European and UK Privacy laws can have an impact in the US if you are working with European based media partners or servers are based in Europe. Please note, this ...
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2017.08.04 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's a wrap of last week in digital media. In the update last week, I neglected to mention that during Facebook's Q2 earnings update, there was mention of Facebook bringing 6 second videos to market. This would align Facebook with YouTube and Fox who are also offering 6 second spots. The big news of the week was Discovery's offer to buy Scripps for $11.9B. There is plenty of coverage across WSJ and the New York Times with various perspectives (better audiences, scale, new streaming player, to a sign cable is dead without mergers). The deal is subject to regulatory approval and, if approved, wouldn't close until early 2018. A Doubleclick update you need to know is ...
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2017.07.28 Last Week in Digital Media

Now back to the news. Google's parent co. Alphabet released Q2 results during the week. Ad revenues are up around 18% to $22.6B. Most of the growth coming from mobile and YouTube. The biggest negative impact to revenue came from the $2.74B EU fine and there is no impact from brand safety issues earlier in the year. Facebook also released Q2 results. The earnings presentation (PDF link) shows revenues of $9.1B in ad revenue. ARPU was up in all markets but Facebook did warn that ads were reaching saturation (i.e. running out of space in the feed). Which makes last week's WhatsApp monetization ...
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2017.07.21 Last Week in Digital Media

There is a lot of news this weeks. Here's what you might have missed across the digital, media, marketing and tech landscape. News from Amazon during the week was the launch of a social network-like (think Pinterest/Instagram) like experience called Spark within the main Amazon main app. Only available to Prime subscribers, Spark curates posts around your interests and everything can be tagged for shoppable items. Spark solves a problem on Amazon (it's hard to discover products) and positions Amazon as a media environment for influencers. If your clients sell on Amazon, you need to play with and understand Spark ...
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3 Areas to Partner with CMOs to Drive Transformation and Digital Innovation

This article was originally published on CIO Review, July 20, 2017. CIOs are often asked to help drive organizational transformation and digital innovation. The challenge is finding the right sponsors within an organization. Over the past several years, it’s increasingly the CMO who is the champion of digital and transformation. Why? Because the media and marketing landscape is more digital, fragmented, data rich, and competitive than ever. The modern battleground in marketing is for customer attention and to capture this, CMO’s have had to transform the way they, their teams, and agency partners work and the skills needed are more ...
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