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2017.07.14 Last Week in Digital Media

A shorter update this week: Developers are having fun with Apple's Augmented Reality tool (AR Kit). There are some great GIFs showing demos of what has been made so far. Worth looking at and getting inspired about the future and what it could mean for brands, marketing and advertising. Facebook cut the price of their Oculus VR headset. This is the second time this year the price has dropped. For the next 6 weeks Oculus is $399 (previously $599). You still need a dedicated VR-ready PC to make Oculus usable. Expect further price drops as there are also rumors that ...
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2017.07.07 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's what you may have missed in the shorter 4th of July week. Facebook is introducing household targeting, which as the name suggests, let's you target everyone in a household across each of their individual accounts. Household targeting will also work with custom audiences. Household targeting has a number of benefits. You could target holiday clothing/fashion if you know someone in the family has already booked a holiday; or you could reduce waste by not targeting everyone in a household with ads to subscribe to Hulu if you know someone already has a subscription. The feature will be available on ...
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2017.06.30 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's what you may have missed. An update I neglected to share last week, is that Netflix, is testing pre-roll promotional videos before you watch a show. The videos are limited to promotions for Netflix original content. It's a limited test at the moment, but also gives a good example of how advertising could one day work on the platform. Google's division that experiments with new products offerings (Area 120) released some experimental apps. The first is Uptime, which allows co-viewing and chats while watching YouTube without the need to be in the same room. Another Area 120 experiment announced ...
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2017.06.23 Last Week in Digital Media

Last week was #VidconUS2017, in fact it just wrapped up this Sunday. UM (via IPG) had a major presence across our clients and teams. Here's some highlights of things I heard during Vidcon from our clients, creators and teams: the mobile first generation is a mobile video first generation. They can't understand why someone would watch linear TV outside of major events - as the mobile is on-demand anytime, anywhere, anyplace. a client noted that YouTube skews older than they thought and it's clear that YouTube will keep building out older demos (just like what happened with Facebook, Instagram, etc) ...
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2017.06.16 Last Week in Digital Media

It's an exciting week ahead in media, with both Vidcon and Cannes happening, but what happened last week? Here's the news you may have missed: Over the weekend, Google Europe's General Counsel published an op-end in the FT and on the Google blog on four (4) additional steps being taken on brand safety. Broadly these are 1. tech/AI 2. people 3. tougher stance (including no ads, content pre-roll warnings, comments disabled) and 3. sponsoring voices for change. You can read the full op-ed and details here. Snapchat Spectacles 2.0 rumors are making the rounds again. VR and AR remain the ...
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Why Skipping Cannes in Favor of VidCon Is the Right Decision for Marketers

It's a chance to meet the creators of the next generation This article by Joshua Lowcock was originally published on AdWeek on June 15, 2017. It was also republished on the Think With Google blog on June 16, 2016. Does @VidCon matter more than #CannesLions? Some think so — Think with Google (@ThinkwithGoogle) June 18, 2017 The advertising industry prides itself on its ability to tap into popular culture. Smart agencies, brands and advertisers do everything they can to research, participate and lean into cultural moments; it’s what enables us to find fresh cultural insights to produce the ...
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2017.06.09 Last Week in Digital Media

A mixed update this week, as Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) tends to result in less announcements from everyone as the news can get lost as Apple dominates the news cycle. Starting with WWDC: Apple is building ad blocking and 3rd party tracking blocking in the next version of Safari. Apple is applying AI to the way cookies get blocked and it's based on understanding your last interaction with a site. In short, persistent cookies are only there if you interact regularly with a site. continuing the theme, Apple will also block auto play videos in the next version of Safari. This applies to all videos including ...
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2017.06.02 Last Week in Digital Media

This is a longer email this week, but it was a week with a lot of significant news. Mary Meeker released her 2017 internet trends report and Google made public their position on ad blocking/bad ads (and there was still other industry news). Here's what you might have missed: Mary Meeker Report The full deck is here (warning 355 pages!). The key sections are 2. Online Advertising, 3. Interactive Games, 4. Media, and 10. Macro Thoughts. Don't be dissuaded by the size of the deck. Meeker's decks are quick to read and contain a wealth of information. In the digital, internet and VC ...
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