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Guide: Migrating from Google Photos to OneDrive (Free!)

Important I am not affiliated with Microsoft, Google, MultCloud or any of the companies mention and this is my personal experience.  If you find this helpful and want to say thanks, please buy me a coffee or buy my book on Amazon (it's not about technology!). It helps keeps this page ad-free. Thank you! I previously wrote about how to download Google Photos here, this Guide tells you how to do this for free, using a cloud-to-cloud transfer. It's free and easy to do but will require patience for the transfer to occur. The benefit of this approach is there's no need ...
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A year on: Reflections on the pandemic in New York

Not all of us have the good sense to write a diary as we live through history, and the COVID-19 pandemic is a historic moment. A year on though, reflecting on everything, I felt it was important enough to capture my experience. Not that it's more interesting or worthy than anyone else, but maybe it will be of interest to someone, somewhere, one day. Personally, January 2020 started with a business trip to CES in Las Vegas. There was a lot of talk about a virus, I don't think we formally talked about it as being COVID-19, but there was ...
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Review: Timex Pay – Add Contactless Payment to Any Watch

Important I am not affiliated with Timex and this is my personal experience. I am not paid by Timex or any of the companies mentioned in the review. If you find this helpful had success and want to say thanks, please buy me a coffee or take a look at my book on Amazon. It keeps this page ad-free. Thank you! What is Timex Pay? Timex Pay is a contactless payment solution, that works with existing traditional watches, and it comes from the Timex Watch company. Timex has a good pedigree in the watch space, they are a US watch company, have been ...
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Lifehack: DOSH Offer Code 2021 – October/November ($10 Bonus Works!)

DOSH is a US-based cashback service that works by linking your credit card to the app. It's easy to work. Jumping straight to the offer code, use JOSHUAL270 to get a $10 sign-up DOSH bonus. This code works as of August 2021. That's right, the DOSH referral code JOSHUAL270 will get you a $10 bonus. This works! How to get the $10 DOSH Bonus You must link your card, verify your email address, and make a transaction with your linked card to get the DOSH bonus. If you shop at Walmart or Dunkin, this is easy enough to make a ...
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Recipe: Egg and Asparagus Casserole (with Corn)

This Egg and Asparagus Casserole dish is a fond memory from my childhood and my favorite comfort food. I'm not sure if it's all that healthy or good for you, but it tastes fantastic and is a great winter meal. The great thing about this recipe is given most of the ingredients are canned (except of course the eggs), you can keep everything you need in the cupboard for when you need it. Cooking Time (including Preparation) ~ 40mins Ingredients 4-6 boiled eggs (just a little bit under hard-boiled but not runny) 1 x can of evaporated milk 1 x ...
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Recipe: Pressure Cooker Traditional Sunday Roast Pork (works with InstaPot, Foodi, CrockPot)

A traditional Sunday Roast Pork was an Australian tradition when I was growing up. Thanks to the wonders of pressure cooking, with an InstaPot, Food, or any other Pressure Cooker (personally, I use the CrockPot Express Oval), it's easy to cook about a 3lb Pork Roast in an hour. Ingredients Pork Roast, at least 3lb Salt (I recommend using this Bourbon Salt) Ground Pepper ~2 teaspoons Olive Oil 1 Cup of Apple Juice For sides, you can either cook mashed potatoes or roast vegetables separately in your oven. I like to serve the pork with roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes ...
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Guide: Dell Laptop Active Pen PN771M Replacement

First, the bad news. I'll get straight to the point. Dell, currently (as of April/May 2021), does not sell replacement Dell Active Pen PN771M. Sorry. It's disappointing and frustrating, as my Dell Active Pen 771M had a manufacturing issue or design and the button just popped out. See the photos below. There doesn't seem to be any way to repair the pen.  This 771M Pen is designed for the Dell Inspiron 13" 7000 2 in 1. This laptop has a little slot for the pen, so if the pen is lost or broken, you're going to be reminded of it ...
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Works! Disable Google Sign In Pop Up Notification (2 steps)

Important I am not affiliated with Google and Chrome. I am not paid by any of the companies or products referenced. If you find this helpful had success and want to say thanks, please buy me a coffee or take a look at my book on Amazon. It keeps this page ad free. Thank you! If you use a Chrome-based browser, whether it's Google Chrome, Edge Chromium, Brave, or others you may experience an annoying pop up Google Sign In Pop Up window asking if you want to login with your Google account. This is called Google Sign In One Tap and looks something ...
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