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2020.02.07 Last Week in Digital Media

Hello Here’s your Last week in Digital Media: QUARTERLY REPORTS Google released its Q4 2019 results. Revenue was US$46.075B. For the first time, Google released YouTube financials, with YouTube’s revenue at US$15.15B (up from US$11.16B a year ago), but there’s no breakout of YouTube profitability. Twitter Q4 results saw an increase in Monetizable Daily Active Users (mDAUs) to 152MM (PDF link) up 21% YoY. Revenue came in a US$1.01B up 11%. Snap’s year-end and Q4 results, saw global Daily Active Users (DAUs) increase to 218MM (up from 210MM the previous quarter (PDF link). Revenue fell short of analyst expectations, coming ...
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2020.02.3 Last Week in Digital Media (2020 Superbowl Edition)

Hello Here’s a Last Week in Digital Media special edition, summarizing which digital media companies advertised during the Superbowl and their main product message or theme, just in case someone asks. All links are to the USA Today 2020 Ad Meter, so you know how they resonated with a panel, in the Ad Meter vote, and also with the current total YouTube views. Amazon highlighted Amazon Alexa teased their new Amazon Prime original Hunters Disney+ showed all the new Marvel content coming to Disney+ Facebook focused on Facebook Groups Hulu promoted their Hulu Live TV service with a focus on Live Sport. Quibi announced the launch of Quibi ...
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2020.01.31 Last Week in Digital Media

Hello Here’s your Last week in Digital Media and all the news you may have missed. GENERAL Facebook’s Q4 2019 results were released, with mixed reactions from the market (shares fell). Users hit 2.5B (up 2%), revenue was up YoY to US$21.08B. A few call-outs. As the company looks to push-back on any regulator attempt to break them up, Facebook started talking about user numbers across the “Family” of apps, investments in security and content moderation are having an impact on costs, and Facebook paid US$550MM to settle the Illinois Biometric lawsuit. If you’re interested in a full breakdown of ...
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2020.01.24 Last Week in Digital Media

Hello Here’s your Last Week in Digital Media and all the news you may have missed; GENERAL Spotify is testing a Stories feature that will let influencers / creators incorporate stories in their playlists. The test is only available in the app (iOS and Android). To see it in action, you can check out this playlist from Summer Mckeen. at a conference in Germany, Snapchat’s CEO said he believes that TikTok has the potential to be bigger than Instagram. it’s rumored that TikTok is on the search for a new US-based CEO. Separately, TikTok also opened a new, bigger office ...
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2020.01.17 Last Week in Digital Media

Welcome to another Last Week in Digital Media, here’s all the news you may have missed and it’s a big news week so this is an extra-long newsletter. GENERAL Google’s Chrome browser announced a plan to stop supporting 3rd party cookies within 2 years. This news had an impact across the industry. AdTech share prices fell, the ANA/4A’s released a joint statement calling out the risks and asking for the change to be delayed and further consultation and until there’s a workable alternative to cookies. CNBC has a good perspective from analysts on what it means both for the businesses ...
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The 3R’s of Digital

This article was originally published on MediaPost, January 17, 2020. As we enter a new year and with CES now behind us, I have been reflecting on what trends in digital and technology will shape the decade ahead. After some thought, I landed on 3 Rs -- Rights, Responsibility, and Regulation -- as what will define the future of our industry. 1. Rights.  People are and will become increasingly better informed about their digital rights, and will demand that these rights be respected and protected. There will be multiple drivers of this, including a desire for people to know that they won’t ...
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2020.01.10 Last Week in Digital Media

Hello Welcome to your Last Week in Digital Media, here’s the news you may have missed: GENERAL CES 2020 has wrapped up. For a full summary, I encourage you to check out the IPG Media Lab. My take is a key trend across the event was the emergence of smart health and wellness products particularly around air quality, better-informed diet eating habits, and technology to assist in the quality of life as people age. with the National Retail Federation (NRF) show in New York this coming week, Microsoft pre-announced some new eCommerce focused offerings including how they plan to leverage ...
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Review: Verizon G3100 Review WiFi 6 Mesh Router (2020)

Disclaimer. I am not affiliated with Verizon and this is my personal experience. I also don't have any affiliate links or ads, so I'm not making money by sharing this with you. I am not paid by Verizon and bought the G3100 outright myself. So if you found this helpful and want to say thanks you can buy me a coffee!  This review of the Verizon G3100 may update as my experience changes (or they update the firmware). This review was last updated: March, 2020 This Verizon G3100 user review is organized by: Background Overview Unboxing Hardware Overview Verizon G3100 ...
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