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2016.10.28 Last Week in Digital Media

Boo! Alphabet (AKA Google), Amazon and twitter all released financial results during the week. The short story is Google's results beat expectations, Amazon's disappointed the market and twitter's were better than expected, but they are laying off 9% of their staff and closing Vine.  What does all of the twitter news mean? With user growth still languishing and revenue not growing, it feels like twitter really wants to have more appealing financials for any potential acquisition. AdAge has a good breakdown about how twitter's various ad lines are underperforming. Everything currently points to a tough 12 months ahead. Buried in all of the Amazon news during the week was a ...
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2016.10.14 Last Week in Digital Media

Just the news. Pandora has a new logo (which to me looks a lot like the PayPal logo) and openly stated more aggressive drive to gain paid subscribers. The rebranded paid service is called Pandora Plus. What's interesting is how their data science is going to find paid subscribers, by hunting first in their own customer data to find people with a high probability to subscribe. Sticking with the streaming music space, Amazon launched their streaming audio service this week. Starting at $10 a month ($8 if you have Prime, $4 if streamed on Echo only). The differential pricing of a service bundled with hardware ...
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2016.10.07 Last Week in Digital Media

Snapchat IPO rumors continue, with the WSJ reporting (subscription required) that an IPO could be as early as March 2017, with a valuation of $25B. The Google hardware event was held during the week. As expected, Google announced new phones, VR headsets, and their AI Home assistant. The Home product is definitely the one to watch given how it will change voice search. The IPG lab has a great event write up here. AI and voice assistances continue their rise in importance. During the week, Samsung announced the acquisition of Viv labs. Viv was started by ex Siri founders and only demonstrated in public this year. With Samsung, ...
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2016.09.30 Last Week in Digital Media

Normally, I would start with a review of news of the week. This week, I want to start with something where you should mark your calendars. October 4th, Google is rumored to be launching new phones, laptops, and their Google Home assistant. Take the time now to register for the updates on the MadeByGoogle website. Of note, the Google Home assistant is rumored to be $50 cheaper than the Amazon Echo equivalent. Now onto the news from the week: Sticking with Google, they have finally consolidated all of their diverse blogs under one main Google blog called "The Keyword". Fully ...
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2016.09.23 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's the industry news for this week. Let's get to it! Snapchat IPO rumors continue, with the company rebranding corporately as Snap Inc. In a move away from just being seen as a software company. In more Snapchat new, the company will be releasing a $130 pair of camera-enabled sunglasses  called "Spectacles" later this year. You can see a possible leaked TV spot here. Twitter continues to stream NFL, with an average viewing audience of 327,000 up 34% from the average numbers of the previous week. There are reports that Mode Media, which shut down abruptly due to alleged lack of ...
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2016.09.16 Last Week in Digital Media

Hope you had a great week, here's  what you may have missed. It's been an interesting (and ironic) week for Ad Blocking. Starting with AdBlock Plus, who have started a network to serve "acceptable" ads to people who have AdBlockers and have opted into acceptable ads. Details can be found here (pdf link) In further surreal Ad Blocking news, ex McKinsey consultants released ad Ad Blocker that blocks ads on everything in iOS. Called Been Choice, the app worked using a VPN connection. What was ironic, is the adblocking functionality was provided free, in exchange for sharing more personal information that ...
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2016.09.09 Last Week in Digital Media

While I was away: Facebook shared an intention to go after search dollars during their quarterly earnings call. This is not about Facebook becoming a search engine, but rather search-like ad products e.g. Lead Ads, which feature product inventory. eMarketer reports that Snapchat has 58.6M US users this year, with double-digit growth expected to continue. The article also has a handy timeline of Snapchat's product roadmap. In the world of mobile, Pew published some interesting research showing that American's who rely on smartphone only for internet access now sits at around 13% (up 5pts from 2 years ago). WhatsApp (aka Facebook) updated ...
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2016.08.05 Last Week in Digital Media

Starting with Facebook there was a release of an update to Instagram featuring "Stories". Stories feel very much like Snapchat, as you can share as much as you like in/as a story and the story will disappear in 24 hours (not Ghost-away ;-). Stories can be public or private and you can annotate stories with drawings, text, etc. Feature for feature, it's an exact match with Snapchat, the edge that Instagram has is the roughly 300MM a day active users vs Snapchat's 150MM users which translates into better marketing results (Nike claims 12x performance of the same story-style content on Instagram vs ...
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