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Recent Blog Posts

Gramma Pie Recipe

I have fond memories of Gramma Pie. This was made by my Grandmother, using Gramma (Butternut Squash) grown on my Grandfather's farm. Later in life, my Dad made this at home, bringing home the Gramma from the farm. When my Dad makes it, he would make very decorative top layers of pastry - sometimes lattice, other times with leaves made from pastry. In a recent discussion with my parents, we got to talking about this memory, and I was able to get a Gramma Pie recipe from my Aunty Wendy. Thanks, Aunty Wendy! According to another website, Gramma Pie is ...
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Guide: The Best macOS Settings for Windows Users

If you use Windows and macOS, you might want some things to operate similarly or look visually similar or familiar across both operating systems. These are the settings I always change on my macOS devices. If you're after macOS apps I recommend and other tips, check this link. Mouse (Right Click) This is important if you're using a magic mouse, if you're using a two-button mouse you won't need to do this. System Preferences > Mouse > Check "Secondary Click" and ensure "Click on right-side" is selected. Trackpad (Right Click) System Preferences > Trackpad > Check "Secondary Click with Two ...
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The Best Smart Glasses Reviewed and Ranked (2022)

I have been an early adopter of smart glasses, ever since the first generation of Snap Spectacles came out. Yes, I was one of those people who lined up for several hours (twice actually) to buy a pair from the Snap Spectacles vending machine. Since then, I have also bought other smart glasses, so thought I would write up this guide for others. Here's the Smart Glasses Reviewed and Ranked. This list is current of December 2021/January 2022 and I will update it from time to time. To be clear, I own these glasses so this is first-hand experience from ...
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Review: AnonAddy a Private Email Relay Service (2022)

If you own an Apple device, you may be familiar with "Hide My Email". It lets you set up a relay so that your real email is never shared with a website. Instead, each website you log in to will have its own email address. If you want to jump straight to the AnonAddy review, click here but it is worth the few minutes to read everything below, just to help you make the most informed decision. How Private Email Relay Works For example, if your real email is Apple will create a new email address All emails ...
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Guide: How to upload a large image or video to WordPress (Works!)

Sometimes you may want to embed a large media file in your WordPress site but the WordPress media uploader will fail. The failure could be for a number of reasons, the file is too big, your server has limits on WordPress uploads, or the server timed out during the upload process. To fix this, some people may recommend you edit your .htaccess file or the PHP settings in CPanel. This is nice, in theory, but not everyone may have access to these settings or your host may not even give you access - but there is another way! To upload ...
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The Best PS5 Budget SSD and Heatsink Combination (Under $100)

Reminder, I don't provide technical support or assistance for any of my blog posts. If you have been lucky enough to get a PS5 you may want to expand the storage. Sharing based on my personal experience, this is the best budget SSD and Heatsink combination for the PS5. The entire setup cost me $100 and provides you with affordable extra storage for your PS5 and excellent passive cooling. This combination is the best value for money M2 SSD for the PS5. Upgrading your PS5 storage with an extra 500Gb. The Best PS5 SSD  I am using the Western Digital ...
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Personally, I also love how the Lemon looks so happy ...
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Guide: How to fix Mac Launchpad Layout Not Saving (Works!)

Important I am not affiliated with Apple and this is my personal experience. If you find this helpful had success and want to say thanks, please buy me a coffee or buy my book on Amazon. It keeps this page ad-free. Thank you! Disclaimer: I do not provide technical support, accept liability or offer a warranty. If this doesn't work, experience issues, or somehow break something, that's on you not me. That all said, this is an easy non-technical fix and is easy to do. It should take you less than 5minutes from start to finish. Background macOS Monterey 12.0.1 has a Launchpad bug ...
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