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Review: Verizon G3100 Review WiFi 6 Mesh Router (2020)

Disclaimer. I am not affiliated with Verizon and this is my personal experience. I also don't have any affiliate links or ads, so I'm not making money by sharing this with you. I am not paid by Verizon and bought the G3100 outright myself. So if you found this helpful and want to say thanks you can buy me a coffee!  This review of the Verizon G3100 may update as my experience changes (or they update the firmware). This review was last updated: March, 2020 This Verizon G3100 user review is organized by: Background Overview Unboxing Hardware Overview Verizon G3100 ...
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2020.01.04 Last Week in Digital Media

Hello I hope you had a good holiday and welcome back to the 4th year of Last Week in Digital Media. A lot of people across the industry will be heading off to CES which will dominate the news cycle, so I’m getting a head start to both share my thoughts about the year ahead and some of the news you may have missed while the newsletter was on break. EDITORIAL As we enter a new year, I have been reflecting on what trends will define digital media and the decade ahead. After some thought, I landed on “3 R’s ...
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2019.12.06 Last Week in Digital Media

Hello Welcome back after the Thanksgiving break, this week Last Week in Digital Media includes two weeks of news, here’s what you may have missed: EXECUTIVE MOVEMENTS Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, announced in a tweet that he plans to spend 3-6 months of 2020 in Africa. The news received mixed reaction mainly given concerns about what this means for twitter actively policing the 2020 US Election. Separately, over at Alphabet (aka Google) founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin announced they were stepping back from the company (still majority shareholders) and that Sundar Pichai will take over Alphabet. There’s a lot ...
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2019.11.22 Last Week in Digital Media

Hey! Here’s your last week in digital media and all the news you may have missed: GENERAL Google is making its Google Maps product more social by introducing something called Local Guides. In select cities (Bangkok, Delhi, London, Mexico City, New York, Osaka, San Francisco, São Paulo, and Tokyo) you will be able to virtually follow Local Guides with their recommendations surfaced to you in Google Maps. a good piece of investigative journalism by the FT claims that Facebook’s user growth is only 7% p.a. after adjusting for fake accounts. It’s a good reminder to always check that audience estimates ...
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2019.11.15 Last Week in Digital Media

Hello Here’s your last week in digital media and all the news you may have missed: GENERAL Apple’s VR hardware and AR glasses may arrive in 2022/23 according to numerous reports. Putting Apple, Facebook, and Snap in a race to be the first to bring true AR glasses to the public. how fast is your client’s website? Google is exploring “speed badging” websites i.e. labeling sites that load slowly. Initially, the labeling will only occur in the Chrome browser. Back in 2014, Google moved to prioritize mobile-friendly sites in search results, so this may be a sign that Google soon ...
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2019.11.08 Last Week in Digital Media

Hello Welcome to Last Week in Digital Media, here’s the news you may have missed: GENERAL Instagram will start testing hiding likes for some users in the US as soon as next week. As a reminder, Instagram already hides likes in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand. There is research to suggest changes like this are better for the health of users as well as the conversations on the platforms (including less radicalization). Making this a change brands and marketers should support even if it impacts organic and paid media performance. measurement company Nielsen is splitting into ...
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2019.11.01 Last Week in Digital Media

Hello Here’s your latest Last Week in Digital Media. POLITICAL ADVERTISING The debate about political advertising hit fever-pitch during the week. The opening gambit came from a Facebook OpEd on USA Today, defending their position and that “it shouldn’t be the gatekeeper”. Only to be overtaken by an announcement by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey that they would end political advertising globally come November 22nd (joining Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok who have reached similar conclusions). This resulted in open challenges to Facebook to follow Twitter’s lead (#YourMoveZuck) but instead, Facebook publicly doubled down its decision to retain political advertising. All of this ...
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2019.10.25 Last Week in Digital Media

Hello! Here’s your Last week in Digital Media. Enjoy! ZUCKERBERG CONGRESSIONAL HEARING Mark Zuckerberg appeared at a hearing before the House Financial Services Committee. The 6-hour hearing (you can re-watch here) didn’t start well for Facebook, with the Chair of the Committee openly stating “you have opened up a serious discussion about whether Facebook should be broken up”. Zuckerberg’s opening statement (PDF link) tried to keep the focus on Libra but did touch on discrimination in advertising and diversity. The overall debate though went wide and beyond Libra covering topics such as China, censorship, election protection, misinformation, encryption, to Cambridge-Analytica ...
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