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The 3R’s of Digital

This article was originally published on MediaPost, January 17, 2020. As we enter a new year and with CES now behind us, I have been reflecting on what trends in digital and technology will shape the decade ahead. After some thought, I landed on 3 Rs -- Rights, Responsibility, and Regulation -- as what will define the future of our industry. 1. Rights.  People are and will become increasingly better informed about their digital rights, and will demand that these rights be respected and protected. There will be multiple drivers of this, including a desire for people to know that they won’t ...
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Review: Verizon G3100 Review WiFi 6 Mesh Router (2021)

Important I am not affiliated with Verizon and this is my personal experience. I am not paid by Verizon and bought the G3100 outright myself.  If you find this helpful had success and want to say thanks, please buy me a coffee or take a look at my book on Amazon. It keeps this page ad-free. Thank you! This review was last updated: January/February 2021 VERIZON G3100 REVIEW This review of the Verizon G3100 may update as my experience changes (or they update the firmware). This Verizon G3100 user review is organized by: Background Overview Unboxing Hardware Overview Verizon G3100 Speedtest (basic) Verizon G3100 ...
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How 30,000 screaming fans chimed in a new era of premium content

This article was originally published on Campaign US, June 15, 2018. A version of this article was also published on Think With Google, June 19, 2018. YouTube, creators, and fan communities have transformed the definition of "premium content." Brands and agencies can either adjust to this new reality, or they can be left behind, argues Joshua Lowcock of UM Worldwide. Last year, we advised our clients (and all of you) to skip Cannes for VidCon. Many brands — the likes of LEGO, Sony, and Johnson & Johnson — listened, and instead of mingling with creatives on a French beach, they ...
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Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Shows The Importance Of Data And Trust In Advertising

This article was originally published on AdExchanger, March 22, 2018. The advertising industry often talks about trust – trust between advertisers and their agencies, trust between advertisers and media owners. But very little is publicly said about the trust placed by the public in the advertising industry. Individuals and the public at large have a right to demand and expect that advertisers, agencies, media and platform owners will treat them with respect. In digital, with the wealth of data available to marketers and the pressure to squeeze every last ounce of efficiency out of media dollars, there are always a myriad ...
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The coming post-mobile world: LTE Smartwatches and the Age of Assistance

by Joshua Lowcock September 24, 2017 It’s been ten (10) years since the release of the iPhone and five (5) years since Facebook’s pivot to mobile. We have collectively witnessed mobile transform categories and industries from photography (Instagram) to music (Spotify); to banking (ApplePay) and transportation (Uber). From a media perspective, mobile first has become an accepted maxim and statistics that 50% of YouTube is mobile don’t even raise an eyebrow. Which is why, in September 2017, during Apple’s Keynote, there was a product announcement that signified we are entering the post-mobile era. This announcement has the potential to be ...
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3 Areas to Partner with CMOs to Drive Transformation and Digital Innovation

This article was originally published on CIO Review, July 20, 2017. CIOs are often asked to help drive organizational transformation and digital innovation. The challenge is finding the right sponsors within an organization. Over the past several years, it’s increasingly the CMO who is the champion of digital and transformation. Why? Because the media and marketing landscape is more digital, fragmented, data rich, and competitive than ever. The modern battleground in marketing is for customer attention and to capture this, CMO’s have had to transform the way they, their teams, and agency partners work and the skills needed are more ...
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Why Skipping Cannes in Favor of VidCon Is the Right Decision for Marketers

It's a chance to meet the creators of the next generation This article by Joshua Lowcock was originally published on AdWeek on June 15, 2017. It was also republished on the Think With Google blog on June 16, 2016. Does @VidCon matter more than #CannesLions? Some think so — Think with Google (@ThinkwithGoogle) June 18, 2017 The advertising industry prides itself on its ability to tap into popular culture. Smart agencies, brands and advertisers do everything they can to research, participate and lean into cultural moments; it’s what enables us to find fresh cultural insights to produce the ...
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The Digital Advertising Industry Has An Identity And Data Integrity Problem

This article by Joshua Lowcock was originally written for and published on AdExchanger. The Digital Advertising Industry Has An Identity And Data Integrity Problem by Joshua Lowcock, @UMWorldwide — AdExchanger (@adexchanger) March 8, 2017 Despite what you may have been led to believe, the real problem facing the digital industry is not ad fraud. The real problem is identity, compounded by the lack of quality and integrity put into verifying audience data. If the industry put more effort into verifying identity and audience data, not only would ad fraud be less of a problem, but digital overall would achieve ...
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