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2019.08.09 Last Week in Digital Media

Welcome to another Last Week in Digital Media here's all the news you may have missed: GENERAL Facebook is embracing Instagram and WhatsApp in a very direct way, with the company putting its name on Instagram and WhatsApp apps. This is a significant change because currently the apps are branded as being from Instagram Inc and WhatsApp Inc respectively. The move comes as Facebook moves to more tightly integrate the apps but it will also be interesting to see how this plays out when there is a negative issue on one platform. Snapchat is raising US$1B in a short-term debt offering, ...
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2019.08.02 Last Week in Digital Media

There's some big news in regulation this week, so need to address this upfront. The EU ruled that companies using the Facebook Like button on their site will be liable for collecting user data and passing it Facebook (PDF link), full ruling text here. This is major news as the network of sites using the Like button provides Facebook with a lot of intelligence on user behavior and interests (Forbes has a good write up). What is significant is the ruling isn't necessarily restricted to Facebook, a lot of platforms offer something similar (twitter, Linked In, Pinterest) to website owners. Client ...
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2019.07.26 Last Week in Digital Media

Welcome to Last Week in Digital Media. It's quarterly reporting season for Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Snap Inc. making for a lot of news (and an extra-long newsletter). But what dominated the headlines during the week was Facebook's settlement with the FTC, so I will be deep-diving on that first. FACEBOOK-FTC SETTLEMENT Facebook's settlement with the FTC is now official. Facebook was issued with a US$5B fine, as well as requirements for Facebook to overhaul its approach to privacy and data security. The fine is accompanied by a 20-year settlement order (PDF link). The FTC "seeks to drive greater accountability at ...
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2019.07.19 Last Week in Digital Media

GENERAL back in April, it was discovered that Instagram was experimenting with hiding like counts in Canada. This hiding likes test has now expanded to include Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand. Keep this in mind for any client who using likes as a measure of engagement/success. Wattpad, the online storytelling community, has launched Wattpad Premium an ad-free subscription tier. They have also rolled out Wattpad Paid Stories globally, enabling writers to earn money directly from their audiences. Wattpad as a platform deserves more brand attention, as not only are the advertising opportunities great but it's also used a source ...
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2019.07.12 Last Week in Digital Media

A double issue of Last Week in Digital Media as there was no update during 4th of July week. Here's all the news you may have missed. GENERAL The biggest news of the week hit late Friday when it was reported the FTC has allegedly settled against Facebook in regards to Cambridge Analytica. The Facebook-FTC settlement is US$5B (yes, billion) and is the largest privacy-related fine issued by the FTC. At the time of writing, Facebook has not yet provided any comment or response and there are no updates on the FTC website. It also doesn't close the chapter on ...
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2019.06.28 Last Week in Digital Media

Welcome to another last week in digital media. Here's the news you may have missed. GENERAL LiveRamp acquired Data Plus Math for ~US$150MM. Data Plus Math is a cross-screen analytics and measurement company with a particular focus on proving the value of television advertising. the IAB has released their Data Transparency Standard 1.0 (aka Data Label), this is the nutrition-label like description of data segments. Companies that participate in the initiative will be required to undergo an annual audit to ensure their labels are accurate and consistent. This is an important initiative to get behind, as it will go a long way to ...
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2019.06.21 Last Week in Digital Media

A longer newsletter this week, but I can promise it's worth it. There was some major news from and about Facebook during the week, so starting with those updates first: Facebook: Calibra / Libra After several months of speculation, Facebook confirmed the development of Libra, a cryptocurrency that would be stored in a digital wallet called Calibra. You can pre-register your interest in Calibra, but Facebook's COO, Sheryl Sandberg says that Libra is a long way from launch (although the Libra Whitepaper suggests a mid-2020 launch). Libra will be overseen by an entity called the Libra Association (see this website)  with ...
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2019.06.14 Last Week in Digital Media

Yes, there's a (brief) post this week. Here's the last week in digital media. GENERAL Mary Meeker's 2019 Internet Trends Report was published during the week. I haven't had a chance to read the full report (yet) but this year touches on advertising and eCommerce (amongst other things) and if you don't have time for the report, recode has great analysis. An FYI, AppNexus has rebranded as Xandr Invest. Concurrent with this news, AT&T data will be available to buyers across all media types through the Xandr Invest DSP. Facebook has launched an invite-only "Study from Facebook" app. Facebook will use the Study ...
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