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2018.03.23 Last Week in Digital Media

The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica incident dominated the headlines and has implications across the entire industry. So this week, this email is part editorial on the event and then other industry news. Summary: A good primer on the controversy can be found on Vox. Cambridge Analytica obtained a substantial amount of Facebook user data through questionable means. Total Facebook users impacted ranges from 30MM - 50MM. Despite Cambridge Analytica giving undertakings to Facebook that they would delete the data, investigative journalists discovered this was not the case. Further, Cambridge Analytica used the data in marketing for Trump's Presidential campaign. Vox has a really ...
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Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Shows The Importance Of Data And Trust In Advertising

This article was originally published on AdExchanger, March 22, 2018. The advertising industry often talks about trust – trust between advertisers and their agencies, trust between advertisers and media owners. But very little is publicly said about the trust placed by the public in the advertising industry. Individuals and the public at large have a right to demand and expect that advertisers, agencies, media and platform owners will treat them with respect. In digital, with the wealth of data available to marketers and the pressure to squeeze every last ounce of efficiency out of media dollars, there are always a myriad ...
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2018.03.16 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's all the news you may have missed: General MAGNA intelligence has published a study in partnership with YuMe on the topic of 360 Video. The study shows that 360 video drives higher purchase intent compared to traditional ads. Read the full 360 video report here (PDF link). SXSW has wrapped up, the IPG Medialab SXSW summary has all the information you need to know. AI dominated the conversation while VR and AR continue to be hot topics without a breakout app. iHeart Media has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Chapter 11 gives iHeart an opportunity to restructure and the company ...
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2018.03.09 Last Week in Digital Media

A somewhat slower new cycle this week (Ha ha ha...) with the countdown to the upfront cycle as well as the developer conferences for Facebook and Google, a lot of companies are holding back on announcements. General twitter, who have been struggling with the best way to balance account verification against implied endorsement of a user and their opinions may have a solution. twitter is planning to open verification to everyone. Announced during a live stream, twitter confirmed it is still working out the best way to scale the verification to everyone and that verification won't be mandatory. As yet, there's ...
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2018.03.02 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's the news you may have missed from the past week. General Mobile World Congress (MWC) recently wrapped up. The IPG Media Lab has a good write up of the Top 5 takeaways: Apple still dominates, 5G, AI is becoming important in mobile, AR is the bright and shiny toy, and blockchain/cryptocurrency is making an impact. Read the lab's write up to learn more. California and Arizona released updated rules on self-driving vehicles. In a significant move, both will States will allow vehicles to operate without a driver behind the wheel. In California, this will still require the car to ...
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2018.02.16 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's the news you may have missed: GENERAL Chrome Ad Blocking came into effect February 15th. The Chromium Blog published more details on ad blocking works and clearly explaining that the goal is not to block all ads but to improve the ad experience. In the rumor category, Facebook is allegedly working on their own smart speaker as well as a touchscreen video based device. If true, expect to hear more come May during F8, the Facebook Developer's conference. Snapchat is taking steps to rebuild relationships with creators and influencers. This is a big shift from a year ago, where Snapchat essentially ...
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2018.02.09 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's all the news you may have missed: GENERAL The IPG Media Lab published their 2018 Outlook, highlighting the 4 big trends: all culture is digital; the path ahead for retail; the battle for the home; and brand trust. Snapchat's quarterly results came out and they outperformed investor expectations. Revenue and Daily Active Users (DAUs) were up - DAUs up 18%. 90% of Snapchat's ads are now bought programmatically. During the week, Snapchat also introduced a new way for anyone to create their own custom face lenses. NBC will live-stream part of the Winter Olympics within the Snapchat app. It is ...
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2018.02.02 Last Week in Digital Media

Hope you had a good weekend, here's the news you may have missed: GENERAL TapAd is exiting the media side of the ad industry, with the media business moving over to Brand Networks. TapAd will focus on their device graph, cross-device and identity products. Google's acquisition of part of HTC completed during the week. Now that it has completed, expect more Google-branded mobile hardware. The WSJ (Paywall) published a good article on the size and scale of Amazon's Ad Business. Based on JP Morgan estimates, Amazon's worldwide ad business sits at $2.8B, bigger than twitter ($2B) and Snap ($.08B); just ...
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