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Last Week in Digital


2017.06.02 Last Week in Digital Media

This is a longer email this week, but it was a week with a lot of significant news. Mary Meeker released her 2017 internet trends report and Google made public their position on ad blocking/bad ads (and there was still other industry news). Here's what you might have missed: Mary Meeker Report The full deck is here (warning 355 pages!). The key sections are 2. Online Advertising, 3. Interactive Games, 4. Media, and 10. Macro Thoughts. Don't be dissuaded by the size of the deck. Meeker's decks are quick to read and contain a wealth of information. In the digital, internet and VC ...
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2017.05.26 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's what you might have missed last week Last week was Google's Marketing Next conference. It's the marketing oriented follow up to Google I/O and there's more than a few announcements. The three (3) big ones are: the beta of free attribution, as Google attempts to move everyone past using clicks and last clicks for attribution. somewhat aligned to attribution, Google is using deep-learning to provide insights into store visit lift. This includes the ability to measure store lift off the back of YouTube videos. attribution (in the US) will include transaction data from credit and debit card activity (i.e. sales lift). While this won't get down ...
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2017.05.19 Last Week in Digital Media

There's a lot of news this week, in part because Google held their annual developer conference (Google I/O) which is where hey set the agenda for the year(s) ahead. But there was also a lot of industry news too, starting with industry news first: eMarketer reports that Snapchat has almost as many teens (12-17) as Facebook, despite being an eighth of its size. Details here. Sticking with infographics, there's a great chart on Visual Capitalist that shows how Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple earn their revenues. No surprises on that Facebook and Google make the bulk of their money from ads, but the breakdown of the ...
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2017.05.12 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's the wrap of last week. Snap Inc. released their Q1 numbers. The top level numbers Earnings $150M vs $158M expected. 166M DAU vs 167M expected. ARPU 90c. Shares dropped by over 20% but recovered slightly towards the end of the week. Based on the revenue numbers for Spectacles, Snap sold ~62,000 units. There's a good chart on Business Insider which compares Snap Q1 vs Facebook Q1 numbers. Working with influencers? The FTC has published  the letters (PDF link) it has sent to influencers and brands about failure to properly disclose commercial agreements/product promotions on social media. If you're not up to reading the ...
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2017.05.05 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's the news you may have missed during upfront/new front week: Snapchat's self-service ad manager is currently in beta and is expected to be broadly available in June. The ad manager is squarely aimed at smaller businesses. Right now you can't buy sponsored Geofilters or Lenses through the Ad Manager (it's really only for video). If you thought the current version of Snapchat Spectacles were cool (don't forget you can now buy them online) the next version will get you even more excited. A patent leak (here) suggests Augmented Reality (including an awesome dinosaur example) is a big part of the future for version ...
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2017.04.28 Last Week in Digital Media

Onto the news you may have missed: Linked In hit 500million global members, up over 100million on a little over a year ago. Don't forget Microsoft is looking to grow the ad products side of Linked In and as of January, you can also use DataSift to mine Linked In data. While Linked In's growth is great, Instagram's growth was more impressive, growing 100million in just a quarter. Instagram now has 700million global users. That's more than double the user's it had a year ago. Business Insider has a nice chart showing Instagram's growth trajectory. If you know anyone who doubts the next generation are cord cutters, YouTube Kids has 8million weekly viewers across ...
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2017.04.21 Last Week in Digital Media

Given every week for the past month has started with brand safety, this week I'll end on the topic instead. Facebook's Global Developer Conference "F8" was held during the week in San Jose. In one sense, you got a real feel for the fact that Facebook is squaring off against Snapchat with constant references to "cameras" and "augmented reality". That said, Facebook is clearly making huge inroads in the AR, VR and AI worlds which put it significantly ahead of what Snapchat publicly talks about. Wired has a good write up of everything announced by FB. For UM and our clients, the most immediately relevant ...
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2017.04.07 Last Week in Digital Media

Google/YouTube Brand Safety updates: Google is going to allow MRC accredited 3rd party verification. This is currently planned as being available post-campaign only i.e. not to prevent ads running on inappropriate content but after a campaign, reporting if ads ran on inappropriate content. The timeline for when this is available is yet to be confirmed. YouTube channels with under 10,000 views will not longer be eligible for monetization. Full details are on the YouTube creator blog here, non-YouTube brand safety reminder: Don't forget to ensure consistency in how you apply brand safety policies (including site blocks) across other partners, especially in programmatic. Other industry ...
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