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2017.03.10 Last Week in Digital Media

I've been sending this newsletter since 2015, but this week is the 52nd edition! So it's officially a year's worth of emails keeping you all informed of various industry and partner news. Here are some stats from the past year: average open rate 37.68%, average clicks per email 8.48%, and the most popular item was this HBR survey on "are you in danger of becoming obsolete?" Onto the news of the week: Instagram continues to copy Snapchat features. This time geostickers, which are being piloted in New York and Jakarta. To get the feature you need to be both in these markets and have ...
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The Digital Advertising Industry Has An Identity And Data Integrity Problem

This article by Joshua Lowcock was originally written for and published on AdExchanger. The Digital Advertising Industry Has An Identity And Data Integrity Problem by Joshua Lowcock, @UMWorldwide — AdExchanger (@adexchanger) March 8, 2017 Despite what you may have been led to believe, the real problem facing the digital industry is not ad fraud. The real problem is identity, compounded by the lack of quality and integrity put into verifying audience data. If the industry put more effort into verifying identity and audience data, not only would ad fraud be less of a problem, but digital overall would achieve ...
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2017.03.03 Last Week in Digital Media

Snap Inc. has IPO'd, raising $2.5B cash for the company and at close of day valuing Snap at around $34B (more valuable than these 9 companies). There's a good NY Times piece that puts Snap's IPO in perspective of other famous (and failed) tech media, adtech and eCommerce companies. Also worth a read is this WSJ piece explaining why NBCUniversal bought $500MM worth of Snap stock. Ads in Instagram stories have left beta and are now available to anyone (and globally). Ads can be optimized for reach and have up to 15 seconds of video. YouTube is bringing a $35 a month subscription service that includes all 4 US major US networks + 35 ...
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2017.02.24 Last Week in Digital Media

This week it's technically 2 weeks worth of updates, as there was no President's Day email. Here's all of the digital media industry news you may have missed: Facebook has a lot of updates from announcing it will launch a standalone TV app, in feed video will now autoplay, it will share ad revenue with Facebook Live partners, and it will insert ads mid-roll. The consistent theme from all of this is Facebook is doubling down on video. The most significant bit of mobile video news from Facebook was that they will now support MRC standards for video ads. Given Facebook's new-found obsession with video, you might ...
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2017.02.10 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's the industry news you may have missed: Nielsen received MRC accreditation for digital TV measurement as part of their TV rating data. This is good news as Nielsen will be in a better position to do cross-platform measurement against a consistent rating currency. Making it easier to plan and buy integrated media. If you or your clients are keen to live stream on YouTube, the barriers to entry just got lower. YouTube opened mobile live streaming this week to anyone with more than 10,000 subscribers (I'm 10,000 short!). Also launched was a feature they called "Superchat" which lets fans pay to have their comments highlighted and featured. YouTube ...
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2017.02.03 Last Week in Digital Media

Hello! the Snap Inc IPO is now official with the company aiming at a $25B valuation or as Fortune points out almost 62x revenues. The full SEC document can be found here and includes what could almost be called instructions for how to use the service (pp 92). For those who can't be bothered queuing for Spectacles at 3am, pp74 hints that there will be increased distribution (and marketing) of Spectacles in 2017. Coinciding with the IPO announcement, Snapchat also revealed that you can now buy Snapchat ads through a host of API Partners including Kenshoo and Videology. for all of our clients who have products suitable for ...
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2017.01.27 Last Week in Digital Media

And now for the news: There are reports that Snap Inc. IPO date documents will filed this week, with a target valuation of $25B and an anticipated IPO in March. Expect overly enthusiastic sales tactics from Snapchat in the lead up to the IPO. eMarketer stats from a December 2016, Social Media Report show that Instagram is the preferred platform for influencers to publish content.  In order it is Instagram (89%), Facebook (87%), twitter (85%), personal blog (60%), YouTube (59%), Snapchat (45%) and Pinterest (37%). Amazon Echo had a 9x surge in sales during the holiday period. Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) estimates total sales of 8.2M since the device launched in 2014. You ...
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2017.01.20 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's what you may have missed: Google and YouTube have updated a whole host of their cross-device and general targeting capabilities. Detailed on their blog, in short, you can now access Google User account data for targeting, cross screen device targeting (huge emphasis on mobile), and have the ability to personalize ads across screen. They also tease some cloud-based marketing functionality coming soon. Looks like Google might be feeling the squeeze from Adobe, Oracle and even AOL-Verizon. Tremor Video announced an exclusive integration with Alphonso this week. If you don't know Alphonso, it enables real-time 1:1 TV targeting based on audio that has been passively heard in ...
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