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2016.09.16 Last Week in Digital Media

Hope you had a great week, here's  what you may have missed. It's been an interesting (and ironic) week for Ad Blocking. Starting with AdBlock Plus, who have started a network to serve "acceptable" ads to people who have AdBlockers and have opted into acceptable ads. Details can be found here (pdf link) In further surreal Ad Blocking news, ex McKinsey consultants released ad Ad Blocker that blocks ads on everything in iOS. Called Been Choice, the app worked using a VPN connection. What was ironic, is the adblocking functionality was provided free, in exchange for sharing more personal information that ...
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2016.09.09 Last Week in Digital Media

While I was away: Facebook shared an intention to go after search dollars during their quarterly earnings call. This is not about Facebook becoming a search engine, but rather search-like ad products e.g. Lead Ads, which feature product inventory. eMarketer reports that Snapchat has 58.6M US users this year, with double-digit growth expected to continue. The article also has a handy timeline of Snapchat's product roadmap. In the world of mobile, Pew published some interesting research showing that American's who rely on smartphone only for internet access now sits at around 13% (up 5pts from 2 years ago). WhatsApp (aka Facebook) updated ...
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2016.08.05 Last Week in Digital Media

Starting with Facebook there was a release of an update to Instagram featuring "Stories". Stories feel very much like Snapchat, as you can share as much as you like in/as a story and the story will disappear in 24 hours (not Ghost-away ;-). Stories can be public or private and you can annotate stories with drawings, text, etc. Feature for feature, it's an exact match with Snapchat, the edge that Instagram has is the roughly 300MM a day active users vs Snapchat's 150MM users which translates into better marketing results (Nike claims 12x performance of the same story-style content on Instagram vs ...
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2016.07.29 Last Week in Digital Media

The breaking news of last week was confirmed on Monday, when Yahoo! was sold to Verizon. Magna's own David Cohen wrote an excellent piece on AdAge that this was the best possible outcome for the industry. If anything, the sale of Yahoo! is a solid reminder of how unforgiving the internet industry can be - about 10 years ago, Microsoft attempted to buy Yahoo! for almost US$45B, to see it sold for US$4.8B is a sobering reminder of how fortunes can change. As for current industry titans, Google and Facebook. Their financial results came out this week and both reported ...
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2016.07.22 Last Week in Digital Media

In the breaking news category (and yet to be confirmed at time of writing but may be confirmed by the time you read this), Verizon has emerged as the leading candidate to buy Yahoo! (according to Bloomberg). While the deal isn't finalized and may fall apart, if it goes through, it would add 200MM people to Verizon's monthly audience. It's quarterly financial results time of year. Of note, Netflix's results disappointed the market adding only 1.7MM subscribers (lower than their estimate of 2.5MM). Most analysts are citing subscription cost increases as a reason for the slowdown. It's hard to agree ...
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2016.06.24 Last Week in Digital Media – Vidcon Editorial

Unlike most of the senior people in the industry, I didn't attend Cannes. Aside from client meetings and work, last week I spent 2 days in Anaheim for Vidcon. What is Vidcon? Vidcon is an online video conference, now in its 7th year and dedicated to people who create and love online video - and by online video I mean primarily YouTube, Vine, and Snapchat. Vidcon is a cross between a fan event like Comic Con and and the early days of CES. On the fan side, this is where you can meet influencers like Glozell (4MM YouTube Subscribers) and ...
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2016.06.17 Last Week in Digital Media

Last week was a big week was E3 and Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), so there's plenty of news on that front and this week, is Cannes. I'll cover E3 and WWDC in this email, but given Cannes broad industry coverage, I'm instead going to refer you to the excellent Quartz Cannes Special Edition newsletter which I recommend you subscribe to for all Cannes related news. The big news last week was the announcement that Microsoft is buying LinkedIn for $26.2B. The expectation is this deal is that this is linked to Microsoft's cloud services, Skype, Cortain and Office 365 plans ...
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2016.06.10 Last Week in Digital Media

In breaking news on Friday, Gawker Media filed for Bankruptcy protection. Gawker recently lost a high profile court case and was ordered to pay $140MM in damages. Gawker owns a series of high profile blogs including Gawker, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Jezebel, and Jalopnik. At the time of writing this, Ziff Davis has already put in offers for some of Gawker's assets. eMarketer is reporting that Snapchat is on track to have more users than twitter and Pinterest, growing 27% this year. While impressive, it won't be close to Facebook Messenger and eMarketer predicts FB Messenger will continue to outpace Snapchat's growth ...
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