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Last Week in Digital


2018.09.21 Last Week in Digital Media

Welcome to another Last Week in Digital Media. Here's all the news you may have missed: GENERAL The biggest news of the week broke on Saturday, with Bloomberg reporting that there is draft White House Executive Order that would investigate whether the major tech companies and social platforms have breached antitrust laws. By Sunday, the Whitehouse has distanced itself from the reports (although hasn't denied the existence of the draft). Instagram has added the ability to send GIFs in Direct Messages. Instagram's GIF back-end is powered by Giphy. It's also a reminder you should be looking at GIF/stickers as a ...
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2018.09.16 Last Week in Digital Media

If you have family, friends, loved ones, or colleagues in the path of Hurricane Florence please stay safe. Google will be matching up to $1M in donations to the Red Cross in support of relief efforts. Here's the news from last week in digital media: PEOPLE Snapchat's Chief Strategy Officer (Imran Khan) is leaving the company. There has been a steady stream of executive departures from Snap which is fueling some investor frustration.  Khan was a key dealmaker at Snap. in other executive departures, Oath: CEO Tim Amstrong is leaving the company. Armstrong oversaw AOL's acquisition by Verizon and overall advertising/adtech aspirations. Armstrong ...
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2018.09.07 Last Week in Digital Media

Another busy week, here's the news from last week in digital media: General Amazon is retiring the names Amazon Media Group and Amazon Advertising Platform (the latter will now be known as Amazon DSP) rebranding their ad business "Amazon Advertising". UM client, BMW have announced their in-car own voice assistant. The assistant is compatible with other assistants like Alexa, and will provide typical voice assistant functions as well as driver safety offerings e.g. helping you stay alert if tired. BMW's voice assistant will be coming to cars in 2019. the EU has approved Apple's acquisition of Shazam. The EU statement on ...
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2018.08.31 Last Week in Digital Media

Welcome back to Last Week in Digital Media, after a brief break, the newsletter is back. Here's the news you may have missed and I am also including some of the major headlines from the past few weeks. General twitter is experimenting with new features (announced in a tweet by a twitter Product Manager) to make the platform more conversational. This includes threaded conversations and presence (so you can see who is online). There are also reports twitter is testing an "unfollow" feature. Snapchat has a new CMO, Kristin O'Hara, formerly of Warner Media. The appointment of O'Hara is a ...
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2018.08.17 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's the news you may have missed: General Following on from last week, twitter suspended Alex Jones for a week. twitter cited a breach of the rules, but it also happened to coincide with a move by Shannon Coulter, an online activist, who encouraged users to block Fortune 500 companies on twitter via a shared blacklist (50,000 people signed up). Amazon wants to build a YouTube competitor using twitch. Reported by Bloomberg, influencers and celebrities are apparently being offered upfront guarantees if they stream live a minimum number of hours and days per week. The UK's Competition and Marketings Authority (CMA) are investigating influencer and celebrity social media disclosures around commercial relationships. It's a good reminder that ...
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2018.08.10 Last Week in Digital Media

Editorial The biggest moment digital media moment of the year occurred last week (bigger than GDPR), when Apple, Facebook, Pinterest, Spotify and YouTube removed pages and content published by Infowars. It was finally an acknowledgment that platforms need to exercise the same sort of editorial controls as publishers. The hold-out was twitter. Twitter's CEO defended their inaction, saying he wouldn't take "one-off short-term feel-good actions" and journalists should fake check / refute fake news. The latter comment was not without controversy, but CNN took up the challenge and published a detailed investigation of all the times Infowars has violated twitter's terms of service ...
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2018.08.03 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's all the news you may have missed: General App analytics company AppAnnie has released a report of the most downloaded iOS apps of all time (registration required). The #1 game of all time is Candy Crush (which offers video ads) but the Top app of all time is Facebook. Overall, Facebook and Google-owned app dominate 1-6; followed by 7. Snapchat, 8. Skype, 9. WeChat and 10. QQ. YouTube has updated their video player to better support vertical video. Video playback actually will automatically adjust to the best aspect ratio for the video. There's a good read on Techcrunch about the "Stories" format ...
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2018.07.27 Last Week in Digital Media

It's Q2 reporting season, so amongst the last week in digital media news, I'll also provide a bit more details on Alphabet an, Facebook's Q2 Results as they tell very different stories about consumers and digital advertising. Alphabet Q2 Results Alphabet reported better than expected Q2 results (full details). Revenue US$32.7B, a 26% increase on a year ago. Advertising counted for the bulk of the revenue at $28B (up 24% on a year ago) Earnings Per Share (EPS) $4.54 including the EU fine ($11.75 without) Paid Clicks increased 58%; average money that Google receives on a click fell 22% Shares were ...
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