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2018.11.09 Last Week in Digital Media

There will be no Last Week in Digital Media for the next few weeks, updates will resume in December. If you miss the newsletter, there is always the archive, every past issue is available online. GENERAL Amazon has launched an Alexa app for Windows 10 PCs. Available for free from the Windows Store, the app works with Alexa skills and continues Amazon's push to make Alexa available everywhere. Ever sent something awkward on Facebook Messenger? Spotted in the iOS software release notes, the ability to unsend Facebook Messenger messages is "coming soon" provided you unsend within 10minutes. As part of Facebook's holiday marketing, ...
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2018.11.02 Last Week in Digital Media

A much shorter update this week, but here's all the digital media news you may have missed. GENERAL App research and analytics firm AppTopia report that TikTok is now outranking Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat in US app downloads (US downloads are up 25%). Usage still lags that of other apps but it gives context to why Facebook is now looking to clone the app. with lasso. Spotify has hit 191MM Monthly Active Users (MAU) and 87MM paid subscribers. 31% of the MAU base comes from the US. Spotify's quarterly report (PDF) forecasts user growth (paid and ad-supported) will continue. CBS has launched a new OTT ...
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2018.10.26 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's the last week in digital media, enjoy! GENERAL A rumor doing the rounds (again) is that Facebook is planning to launch a competitor to TikTok (formerly called Lasso. No launch date has leaked. Lasso is being positioned as different to Facebook's LipSynch live product. more Facebook and music news, Facebook is expanding the way users can use music. Soon you will be able to add a song to your Facebook profile and you can also now add music to Facebook stories. twitter is testing some new features, one of the more interesting proposed twitter updates for brands is "presence ...
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2018.10.19 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's the last week in digital media: GENERAL Pinterest is making a host of changes, phasing out "Buyable Pins" and replacing them with "Product Pins". The change is actually more useful, as Pins will be able to include dynamic pricing and real-time stock inventory (all of this is done using markup on the retailer site). If a consumer pins of retailer products tt should now automatically include the product data. Brands can then pay to promote these pins. Pinterest is also rolling out product recommendations below pins, with the first categories to be tested being style and home decor. Facebook is ...
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2018.10.12 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's to another last week in digital media and all the news you may have missed: GENERAL Instagram is testing a change in the UI where users would tap rather than scroll through posts. Spotted by a twitter user and since confirmed by Instagram, the change would enable more full-screen advertising on the platform. All Emoji are now equal in the eyes of twitter! You may not know this, but emoji are entered as Unicode before being presented on-screen as an emoji. So certain emoji modifiers e.g. gender, skin tone, etc. increase the length of the Unicode string, cutting into twitter's 280 ...
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2018.10.05 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's the last week in digital media: GENERAL It's official! Acxiom Marketing Solutions is now part of the IPG family. This quote from Michael Roth states it best "(Acxion will) add a foundational, world-class data asset, covering two-thirds of the global population, to our capabilities". More to come on this, all of which will be communicated via official internal IPG channels. Snapchat, in a memo leaked to Cheddar, has outlined priorities for 2019. The full memo is on Cheddar, but the highlights include a focus on profitability, growing the Snapchat use in developing markets, being a leader in AR, helping Snapchatters communicate ...
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2018.09.28 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's all the digital media news you may have missed: FACEBOOK SECURITY INCIDENT The big news Friday (9/28) was a security incident on Facebook, exposing up to 90million accounts due to a bug in the "View As" feature (View As has since been disabled). 50million accounts are known to impacted and 40million accounts are being reset as a precaution. The bug impacted users from July 2017 - September 28 (see this timeline) and Facebook has notified law enforcement. There is a Facebook blog post on the security incident, which has updated a few times since it was published. At the ...
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2018.09.21 Last Week in Digital Media

Welcome to another Last Week in Digital Media. Here's all the news you may have missed: GENERAL The biggest news of the week broke on Saturday, with Bloomberg reporting that there is draft White House Executive Order that would investigate whether the major tech companies and social platforms have breached antitrust laws. By Sunday, the Whitehouse has distanced itself from the reports (although hasn't denied the existence of the draft). Instagram has added the ability to send GIFs in Direct Messages. Instagram's GIF back-end is powered by Giphy. It's also a reminder you should be looking at GIF/stickers as a ...
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