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2018.05.18 Last Week in Digital Media

Onto the news: General Facebook has released the "Youth Portal". It's a "your guide to all things Facebook...  from people your age, in their own voices". The site is intended to help younger people make more informed decisions about data, privacy, and social media. The content isn't necessarily bad, but calling it "Youth Portal" is hardly the best way to market a product to teen audiences (and has been met with some cynicism). Net Neutrality got a surprise boost, with the US Senate voting 52-47 to disapprove the FCC ruling to replace net neutrality rules. It still needs to pass ...
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2018.05.11 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's all the news you may have missed: Google I/O Google's annual developer conference occurred during the week and the IPG Media Lab has a good write up or you can watch the keynote edited down to 14mins. Highlights include: the most amazing (and terrifying) demo was Google Duplex, which is "coming soon" and would let Google Assistant make real calls to people to schedule tasks like dinner reservations. A mixture of AI/Machine Learning the computer-generated voice even mimics human speech with slang, pauses, and other tics. Watch the demo video here. Duplex has significant brand implications (not to mention ethical questions) - ...
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2018.05.04 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's all the news you may have missed. Facebook F8 Facebook's F8 Developer Conference occurred last the week and the IPG Media Lab has a detailed write-up, as well as good photos of key presentation slides. I am only providing details of updates that immediately impact clients, brands, and advertisers. Facebook App and Bot approvals are now back, so if your client has an app or bot releases on hold, they can now re-apply for approval. This does not mean that the audit of historical apps has been completed (this is still in progress). Media and marketing opportunities didn't get a specific mention ...
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2018.04.27 Last Week in Digital Media

Looking ahead to next week, Facebook's Developer Conference (F8) kicks off. The F8 agenda features a heavy VR focus and it will interesting to see how FB attempts to re-engage with developers, especially when all new app and bot approvals are currently suspended. GENERAL Amazon is increasing the annual subscription price of Amazon Prime to $119 (up from $99). The price change is effective May 11 and could be attributed to Amazon's moves to secure original content (including sports rights). In Amazon's 1st quarter earnings call, Amazon confirmed that advertising services revenue is worth around $2B.Up 60% year on year. Q1 ...
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2018.04.20 Last Week in Digital Media

Here's the news you may have missed: GENERAL in the interesting (but odd) category, Amazon released an Android Browser only available in India call "Internet". It bills itself as smaller,  more secure and private than other browsers. No word on whether it might make it to the US. Snapchat has released new developer capabilities for Lens Studio. New templates include the ability to do face substitution (great for makeup/accessories); trigger based on facial movements (blink, open mouth, etc); the ability to overlay 2D/3D objects; and Giphy integration. Snap claims that the original release of Lens Studio saw 30,000 lenses created ...
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2018.04.13 Last Week in Digital Media

We’re only weeks away from the Facebook and Google developer conferences, so the media, data and tech stream of news is slowing to a trickle. INDUSTRY NEWS Firefox has updated their iOS browser to firewall tracking data by default and comes off the back of the previous desktop update which quarantines Facebook data. Firefox’s desktop market share sits in the low teens and on iOS even lower. So it’s unlikely to have any material impact on ad targeting, delivery, etc. there’s an FCC filing from Snapchat that hints at a new pair of Spectacles. Sadly no photos/sketches of Spectacles v2 ...
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2018.04.06 Last Week in Digital Media

As with the past few weeks, the content of the email is best described as Last Week in Facebook, as there continues to be a lot of post-Cambridge Analytica news. But this week, I'm covering off other industry news first: Industry News Congratulations to Spotify who listed on the NYSE. A shout out and thanks to our UM Spotify teams around the world who have contributed to the success of the brand. Save the Date! UM is working on plans for Vidcon 2018. Vidcon 2018 is June 20-23 the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) an advocacy group covering cable companies and channels, ...
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2018.03.30 Last Week in Digital Media

It's April Fools Day, the Washington Post has kept an up to date list all day of pranks and here's a list of Google's various April Fools jokes.  Facebook Updates Facebook's response to the Cambridge Analytica incident continues. Here's a summary of key Facebook updates: Simplified Privacy Controls: All end-user privacy controls are now centralized in one place, including the ability to disconnect apps. Facebook also released a video outlining the privacy changes. Android Call/Message History: Android users who downloaded their Facebook data discovered that Facebook had call and message logs. Facebook responded by saying this was an opt-in feature, the data ...
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