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2020.04.03 Last Week in Digital Media

Hello Welcome to Last Week in Digital Media, here’s the news you may have missed: GENERAL Chrome is temporarily rolling back the enforcement of same-site cookie changes (which impacts 3rd party cookies). The change is because Chromium wants to “ensure stability for websites providing essential services.” YouTube has plans to take on TikTok with something called YouTube Shorts (paywall). Whether… Read more →

2020.03.27 Last Week in Digital Media

Hello Thanks to everyone who sent a note of thanks last week. Here’s your Last Week in Digital Media. GENERAL Pinterest has introduced a Today tab, a tab designed to better help people discover new content on the platform, or as Pinterest describes it, a place for “daily inspiration with curated topics and trending Pins.” The Today tab is rolling… Read more →

2020.03.06 Last Week in Digital Media

Hello Here’s your Last Week in Digital Media. GENERAL Byte, the successor to Vine, shared details of their creator monetization program (launching April 15). It’s an interesting, if complicated take, on compensation where creators will be placed into Viewership Brackets each month and rewarded based on a shared pool of money. Google has joined Facebook (and SXSW), canceling its annual… Read more →

2020.02.07 Last Week in Digital Media

Hello Here’s your Last week in Digital Media: QUARTERLY REPORTS Google released its Q4 2019 results. Revenue was US$46.075B. For the first time, Google released YouTube financials, with YouTube’s revenue at US$15.15B (up from US$11.16B a year ago), but there’s no breakout of YouTube profitability. Twitter Q4 results saw an increase in Monetizable Daily Active Users (mDAUs) to 152MM (PDF… Read more →

2020.02.3 Last Week in Digital Media (2020 Superbowl Edition)

Hello Here’s a Last Week in Digital Media special edition, summarizing which digital media companies advertised during the Superbowl and their main product message or theme, just in case someone asks. All links are to the USA Today 2020 Ad Meter, so you know how they resonated with a panel, in the Ad Meter vote, and also with the current total YouTube… Read more →