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2019.11.08 Last Week in Digital Media

Hello Welcome to Last Week in Digital Media, here’s the news you may have missed: GENERAL Instagram will start testing hiding likes for some users in the US as soon as next week. As a reminder, Instagram already hides likes in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand. There is research to suggest changes like this are better… Read more →

2019.11.01 Last Week in Digital Media

Hello Here’s your latest Last Week in Digital Media. POLITICAL ADVERTISING The debate about political advertising hit fever-pitch during the week. The opening gambit came from a Facebook OpEd on USA Today, defending their position and that “it shouldn’t be the gatekeeper”. Only to be overtaken by an announcement by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey that they would end political advertising… Read more →

2019.10.25 Last Week in Digital Media

Hello! Here’s your Last week in Digital Media. Enjoy! ZUCKERBERG CONGRESSIONAL HEARING Mark Zuckerberg appeared at a hearing before the House Financial Services Committee. The 6-hour hearing (you can re-watch here) didn’t start well for Facebook, with the Chair of the Committee openly stating “you have opened up a serious discussion about whether Facebook should be broken up”. Zuckerberg’s opening… Read more →

2019.10.18 Last Week in Digital Media

Hello Here’s your unexpected Last Week in Digital Media. FACEBOOK / MARK ZUCKERBERG / FREE SPEECH Something that will be dissected for months to come, Mark Zuckerberg gave a speech at Georgetown University on the subject of free speech. The full transcript of the Zuckerberg’s speech can be found here. Zuckerberg positions Facebook as the “5th Estate” and in the… Read more →

2019.10.04 Last Week in Digital Media

Hey! Here’s your Last Week in Digital Media. GENERAL with holiday season approaching, Google is ramping up Google Shopping. The experience is been redesigned with changes that include a new personalized home page layout and the ability to track prices and be alerted to price drops. Also, Google is leveraging Google Lens to give “style ideas” – upload a photo… Read more →

2019.09.13 Last Week in Digital Media

Hello Welcome to another Last Week in Digital Media. It’s hard to start a review of the week without details on the State Attorney General probe into Google. Fifty Attorney Generals across various States and Territories (led by Texas) announced an investigation into Google. Alabama and California are not participating, the latter being particularly interesting given California’s moves on online… Read more →