2016.02.05 Last Week in Digital Media

There’s always speculation someone will buy twitter and this week was no different. There was, however, anew rumor about twitter  – that it is about to launch an algorithmic based timeline (similar to Facebook). This was rumor was shutdown as false over the weekend by their CEO (via a tweet). But not before the #RIPtwitter hashtag started trending. Meanwhile. Yahoo! finally confirmed after several months of rumors that they are looking for strategic alternatives (i.e. sale).

While everyone was reacting to the twitter and Yahoo! news, Google and Facebook had one of the more interesting market announcements the week. Both Google and Facebook announced they had each individually hit the 1 billion user number – for Google it was with Gmail and for Facebook it was What’sApp.

The subtext to the timing of the Facebook and Google announcements is really identity. The battle in the adtech marketplace is heating up as the cookie continues to lose relevance. Owning real identity linked to owned and operated apps will be key. If you’re interested in how Facebook and Google’s apps rank overall, check out ComScore’s most recent mobile report (Facebook and Google dominate the Top 10).

For brands, all of this means it’s definitely the year to start getting seriously into the consumer data/loyalty game. I expect to see more brands operating their own loyalty platform in 2016 as part of  steps towards being more effective data-driven marketers. MAC Cosmetics (not a client) was on trend around this topic this week, launching their own loyalty platform.

As always, I’ll leave you with the list of interesting companies I have met recently. Please reach out to them as appropriate.


PS. If you missed the WSJ article featuring the IPG Media Lab around the topic of viewability, it’s worth a read.