2016.02.12 Last Week in Digital Media

Like many of you, I was watching the Super Bowl when the email from Daryl Lee hit our inbox announcing that we were AdWeek’s Global Media Agency of the Year. While some of us were reading the news, the rest of the country was watching the Super Bowl on OTT capable devices. Just how many? According to innovid, 60% of viewers! The full details are in a graphic here. If you don’t click the link, the teaser is Roku counted for the lions share of OTT devices.

In the midst of UM and Denver Bronco celebrations, media partner had news of their own this week. twitter announced they were going to change their timeline to be more algorithmic. This is all counter to the denials of last week. While it’s purely opt-in, the way the announcement reads is that the experience is more like their “While you were away” feature. It’s worth opting-in to the change just so you can learn about the experience and what it means for your bands, learn how to opt-in here.

twitter also released their financial results during the week. While ad revenue was up, twitter added zero net new users to their service since last quarter. Forbes has an interesting chart that plots just how twitter’s user growth has slowed over the years. In absolute terms, twitter now ranks behind instagram in total user numbers.

Snapchat had more upbeat news, announcing they were extending their advertising deal with Viacom. There’s a good article on Wired that argues this deal is similar to Facebook’s Microsoft deal several years ago i.e. Snapchat is gearing up to go mainstream. Don’t forget UM has executed media on Snapchat, for Sony Pictures, so it’s a platform you should feel confident talking to our clients about.,

And as always, please read on for details on various media partners. Reach out to them if you feel it’s relevant.


PS. The business news site Quartz released their iPhone app this week.It’s a SMS-like re-imagining of news. Worth downloading (especially if you have a smart watch). Mini USA is one of the launch advertisers.