2016.03.04 Last Week in Digital Media

ComScore’s January Smartphone report is out and the Top 10 apps continues to be dominated by Google and Facebook. There are however some break out entrants. At #8 is Pandora and at #10 is Amazon. Facebook still holds #1 with 78% reach, with the first Google entry (YouTube) at 61%.

Spotify may not make the Top 10 mobile apps, but it did make the news this week by announcing a partnership with Facebook Messenger. You can now share spotify tracks directly within Messenger. A wise move that could help them in the streaming wars against Pandora, Apple, Google, and Amazon.

While twitter was busy trying be the live digital platform for the Oscars, Snapchat put their Oscars live story on the Snapchat.com homepage with an embedded player. It’s interesting to watch app-only companies evolve to the web, Flipboard did this just over a year ago.

twitter introduced GIFs to their app this week with a new GIF button and a library of meme-like GIFs you can tweet. Expect this branded GIFs to be a paid media offering soon. Of couse, plenty of brands did jump on #GIFparty during the announcement – so no reason you can’t explore this for your brands today.

As Facebook’s developer conference approaches, rumors on what they may announce are starting to float around. The current rumor is that Messenger will have publisher support next month. As a personal fan of the quartz app that delivers news in a messenger style, Facebook’s move should offer a good environment for advertisers to find new ways to tell their brand stories as well as some innovation in the way news is told.

The most interesting news this week though came from Google, with another tweak to the search results. Google is experimenting with allowing certain people to have their own feeds to appear as content cards directly in search results. Currently only available to US Presidential Candidates (and for some reason a Buffalo, NY based Jeweler), it may be extended to brands later this year. If you are planning to declare your candidacy for President anytime soon, then you can register for this beta here.


PS. As the US reacts to the passing of Nancy Reagan this weekend, spare a thought as you read this for Ray Tomlinson who passed on Saturday. Ray invented email and is credited with making the @ sign part of email.