2016.03.11 Last Week in Digital Media

SXSW is underway. Early SXSW reports coming back  are that VR is EVERYWHERE. With the Oculus release date inching ever close (March 28th), Samsung giving out Gear VR’s to people who order a Samsung S7, and excitement growing around companies like Magic Leap the VR hype machine is going to be continue for a while. The only confirmed VR news this week was that (no surprises) social experiences will be integrated into Oculus.

Is Google+ set for a revival? That’s the current theory after they hired 4Chan founder Chris Poole. This was seen as a smart but surprise move given 4Chan’s history as being an anonymous, wild, and unruly side of the internet. If you don’t know 4Chan and are thinking of visiting right now, keep in mind that parts of the site are NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

The irony award of the week goes to Opera Media. You may recall they were listed in the partner updates last week. Opera are more than just an adtech company, they also make the Opera web browser. The irony comes from their announcement this week that they’re building Ad Blocking as default into their desktop browser.