2016.03.18 Last Week in Digital Media

SXSW wrapped up last week. Outside of the VR and content conversations, the highlight was President Obama’s keynote conversation which touched on the topic of encryption. Given a few days later the Guardian reported that Facebook, Google and Snapchat were working to extend encryption within apps/services, it seems the speech didn’t drive the desired outcome. It’s going to be challenging for citizens, industry and government to align on a unified position around this topic.

Just over a month ago there was a meltdown by twitter users about the rumored introduction of an algorithmic timeline. Last week, Instagram made the switch to show “moments you care about first” (aka an algorithmic timeline) and there was barely a blip. This is definitely big news for our clients, as media on instagram is headed the same way as Facebook – no reach without paying.

Google announced Google 360 Analytics Suite. This is a major move by Google to simplify cross device advertising, insights and targeting. The key products you need to pay attention to as part of this is the beta’s of Google’s 360 DMP, optimization platform, and data visualization products. Google’s attribution offering (Adometry) has also been rolled into the platform. Definitely take some time to get up to speed on this with your Google rep, as Google will be pushing this new platform heavily and it will impact all of their media offerings.

In case you missed it, there was some great research published by our IPG Media Lab in partnership with Zefr. Titled “The Power of Relevance”  it’s a great piece of research around ad effectiveness, the power of contextual relevance, proper targeting, what drives ad recall and addresses whether or not conquesting delivers value. Absolutely worth a read.


PS. If you missed it, Facebook Messenger has an hidden basketball game at the moment. You need the latest version of the app. Just send the basketball emoji (?) to a friend and then click on the emoji. Enjoy!