2016.03.25 Last Week in Digital Media

twitter turned 10 this week. If that seems amazing, keep in mind that Facebook is 12 and Google is 18. Or as I like to remind clients, for those turning 18 this year, they have have never known a world without Google.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) released their 2015 year end report last week (PDF link). Streaming services now account for 34.3% of revenue (surpassing digital downloads). Paid subscriptions are actually higher than ad supported revenues. The full report is only 3 pages and is a quick, easy read. As you think about streaming audio services, worth keeping in mind that companies like Pandora also offer video ad units so don’t bucket online audio as an audio only advertising platform. It’s far more than that.

There were some interesting luma-scape like market landscape reports published recently. VentureBeat have an excellent map of the VR landscape as well as a report you can download. There is also a good summary/landscape of the Intelligent Assistance space. Both these categories are going to unlock new media opportunities. The landscape reports are also good diagnostic tools if you have clients asking about the space and need to know who is who in the zoo.

In case you missed it, Facebook took a small step towards better advertising transparency launching Delivery Insights. You can read the blog post here (near the end of the post). This is rolling out across Ad Manager over the next few weeks and includes tips on how to improve your ad performance. The blog post is also useful to bookmark as it may be helpful for those times you need to explain the FB auction system to clients.

Are you in danger of becoming obsolete? An Oxford University study (pdf link) showed that 47% of jobs are vulnerable to automation (something our industry is not immune to). The Harvard Business Review has made a quick test to help you work out if you are future proofing yourself. You can take the test here and it’s something I encourage you to share with your teams. If you don’t score well, don’t panic, this is one of the reasons I have been driving a digital training agenda across UM. Take the results as a friendly reminder to always take advantage of the training, lunch and learns, and partner presentations we organize. If there is training or support you are not getting but need, please let me know.


PS. If you have clients asking about SXSW, the IPG lab published a post on what they saw as the key trends.