2016.06.10 Last Week in Digital Media

In breaking news on Friday, Gawker Media filed for Bankruptcy protection. Gawker recently lost a high profile court case and was ordered to pay $140MM in damages. Gawker owns a series of high profile blogs including Gawker, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Jezebel, and Jalopnik. At the time of writing this, Ziff Davis has already put in offers for some of Gawker’s assets.

eMarketer is reporting that Snapchat is on track to have more users than twitter and Pinterest, growing 27% this year. While impressive, it won’t be close to Facebook Messenger and eMarketer predicts FB Messenger will continue to outpace Snapchat’s growth. In other Snapchat news, if you missed updating your app this week, you should – the Discover platform now has better subscription features, previews and more. Definitely something you should explore.

twitter has released a 12,000 strong research panel on their platform. Called twitter insiders, the research is anonymous, can survey people in the US and UK, and is only available to agency partners. Your twitter account rep. will be able to tell you more if you’re interested. twitter is also now experimenting with injecting certain moments directly in user’s main timeline.

In Facebook news, eCommerce is increasingly coming into focus, with reports that they’re testing a payment option on pages. The test is occurring in Thailand, using a local online payment offering called Qwik. This is a smart move given that in Asian markets, specifically China, payments within social media and messaging apps are one of the fastest growing eCommerce channels.

Closer to home, Pinterest has confirmed that Oracle Data Cloud (aka Datalogix) is now available to measure sales lift on Pinterest pins. Alongside this, there was some custom Pinterest/Oracle research published, showing that promoted pins are 5x more likely to result in sales lift and to spend more than non-pinners. The key stats from the study can be read on Pinterest’s business blog.

Finally, wrapping things up – Apple. Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) is next week and aside from the usual device rumors, Apple has pre-emptively confirmed that paid search news this week but expect more details to be revealed next week.