2016.06.17 Last Week in Digital Media

Last week was a big week was E3 and Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), so there’s plenty of news on that front and this week, is Cannes. I’ll cover E3 and WWDC in this email, but given Cannes broad industry coverage, I’m instead going to refer you to the excellent Quartz Cannes Special Edition newsletter which I recommend you subscribe to for all Cannes related news.

The big news last week was the announcement that Microsoft is buying LinkedIn for $26.2B. The expectation is this deal is that this is linked to Microsoft’s cloud services, Skype, Cortain and Office 365 plans and to some extend Microsoft Dynamics. No firm word or rumors on what this means on the advertising front given Microsoft’s exit from advertising last year.

Focusing on E3 – Microsoft teased their new console “Project Scorpio”. Microsoft also announced an updated Xbox One S (slim and 4K capable) while Sony teased “Neo” a PS4 update. If you put the gaming news aside, the support of 4K is important because it may be what the entertainment industry needs to drive adoption of 4K TV’s and eventually 4K video content (and in turn 4K video ads).

At Apple’s WWDC, there as no device news but rather news on the next version of iOS, iOS 10. From a media perspective, the overhaul of iMessage is interesting. In the next version of iMessage, a dedicated iMessage App Store makes an appearance. This includes support for stickers, apps (duh) and Apple’s version of bots. If your clients have been playing with custom keyboards as a media opportunity on iOS, then you need to start thinking about what you can do in iMessage on iOS 10.

Interested in store traffic lift from your Facebook Ads? Facebook’s ads API now supports this capability. This includes integration with offline Point of Sale (POS) systems to do complete closed loop modelling. There’s a good write-up on recode of how it works. Google has had an offering like this since 2014. While both are good, you should consider a separate mobile location measurement partner for all of your paid media if store visit lift is important.

Finally – Snapchat. If you have clients thinking of buying media on Snapchat and haven’t been sure where to start (or even had difficulty connecting with a rep), Snapchat is now available to buy from partners via a media API. There’s a detailed breakdown of all of the news on AdWeek. but if you’re in a hurry – Snapchat Ads partners include Amobee, Tubemogul, Socialcode, and Brandnetworks; while measurement partners include MOAT, Nielsen, Doubleclick and Innovid. All said, the barriers to clients not buying video on Snapchat are continuing to fall away, so don’t let them fall behind with this media platform.


PS. Fun distraction of the week is a hidden game in Facebook Messenger. Send your friend a football (soccer) emoji  ⚽ and tap it to start. This time you need to keep the ball in the air. Have fun!