2016.07.22 Last Week in Digital Media

In the breaking news category (and yet to be confirmed at time of writing but may be confirmed by the time you read this), Verizon has emerged as the leading candidate to buy Yahoo! (according to Bloomberg). While the deal isn’t finalized and may fall apart, if it goes through, it would add 200MM people to Verizon’s monthly audience.

It’s quarterly financial results time of year. Of note, Netflix’s results disappointed the market adding only 1.7MM subscribers (lower than their estimate of 2.5MM). Most analysts are citing subscription cost increases as a reason for the slowdown. It’s hard to agree this is the main reason. There’s a good article on Forbes that has an eMarketer chart about OTT subscriber numbers and growth suggests everyone else (Hulu, Amazon, and YouTube) is experiencing sluggish growth even if some are growing (slightly) faster than Netflix.

Viewability is an ongoing hot topic across the industry and during the week Nielsen made an announcement about integrating viewability into the Nielsen ratings data. Nielsen has integrated DV, MOAT and IAS into their media ratings tool. If your team uses Nielsen’s ratings data, the folks over at DV are keen to help you take advantage of this, so reach out to your DV rep or contact William Port

A few months ago I updated you all about Snapchat’s acquisition of Bitmoji. That sale and integration is now complete. Given Bitmoji’s pedigree it will come as no suprise that the news was announced with a fun cartoon on the Snapchat blog. As clients explore ways to connect and engage with audiences on Snapchat, it’s worth keeping Bitmoji (and Bitmoji stickers) in mind as a way of doing something fun on the platform.

If you’re clients aren’t yet comfortable with Snapchat, they may be interested to know Facebook was testing a Snapchat-like feature called Quick Updates. The feature enabled you to share updates with only people you select. Facebook is claiming this was a test that will not progress further but who knows if there is really any truth in that. What is evident is Facebook is feeling pressure from Snapchat as this is the 3rd or 4th Snapchat-llke offering they have “tested”.

Finally, in the world of mobile. Google announced it was extending Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support to include mobile ads. All of which will drive faster and better mobile experiences for users. The full news release is on the official Google Blog. AMP for Ads and AMP for landing pages can be bought programmatically in DoubleClick Bid Manager. This is definitely an incremental innovation we should lean into across our clients.