2016.09.16 Last Week in Digital Media

Hope you had a great week, here’s  what you may have missed.

  • It’s been an interesting (and ironic) week for Ad Blocking. Starting with AdBlock Plus, who have started a network to serve “acceptable” ads to people who have AdBlockers and have opted into acceptable ads. Details can be found here (pdf link)
  • In further surreal Ad Blocking news, ex McKinsey consultants released ad Ad Blocker that blocks ads on everything in iOS. Called Been Choice, the app worked using a VPN connection. What was ironic, is the adblocking functionality was provided free, in exchange for sharing more personal information that would normally be captured or shared by ads. The app has since been booted from the app store for breaching Apple’s TOS.
  • Spotify announced it has 40MM paid subscribers, up from 30MM 6 months ago. This is more than Apple Music at 17MM.
  • twitter launched their NFL live streaming product this week, averaging 243,000 viewers of the NY Jets v Buffalo Bills game. The quality of the stream was actually very good, it will be interesting to see how the numbers track week to week. Maybe twitter can do a twitch for live sports?
  • in more twitter news, they have simplified the way users and brands can use the platform for customer service. twitter now highlights customer service accounts. If your clients provide customer service via twitter, this is a function brands need to switch on in the twitter dashboard.
  • dmexco is in full swing and there’s more than enough news about digital, media and technology. The immediately relevant client news is that Google has expanded their Universal App Campaigns (for app installs) to everyone. The other news is that CTA’s are now available in TrueView. Full details are on the official Google blog.
  • Finally, coming full circle on AdBlocking, the 4As, Google, and some major brands and publishers are coming together to come up with a standard for better ads (similar to acceptable ads). Announced at dmexco, you can learn more on the official site betterads.org