2016.09.23 Last Week in Digital Media

Here’s the industry news for this week. Let’s get to it!

  • Snapchat IPO rumors continue, with the company rebranding corporately as Snap Inc. In a move away from just being seen as a software company.
  • In more Snapchat new, the company will be releasing a $130 pair of camera-enabled sunglasses  called “Spectacles” later this year. You can see a possible leaked TV spot here.
  • Twitter continues to stream NFL, with an average viewing audience of 327,000 up 34% from the average numbers of the previous week.
  • There are reports that Mode Media, which shut down abruptly due to alleged lack of funding, did have a source of funds. The company was at one stage valued at over $1B.
  • Netflix will be in the news a lot in October, as subscribers on grandfathered plans will face price increases. In the lead up to this, there’s some interesting data being released on when Netflix can tell people will be hooked on a show. It makes for interesting reading.
  • Sticking with video content and proving we are in the Golden Age of Content, it’s rumored Spotify will start producing original video series. The content will be produced with brands, so reach out to your Spotify rep. if you want to learn more.
  • Some good news for all of UM’s CPG clients, Facebook now lets you sync retailer ads with local store inventory.Providing some much-needed competition for Google’s similar search-based products.
  • In the longest (not biggest) news of the week, twitter is extending the service beyond 140 characters. There are plenty of caveats, as the extension only really means @’s, URLs, images, and a few other things won’t count in the limit.
  • And finally, ICYMI – UM did some great work with student site Chegg to understand what college moments matter and how brands can best connect during those moments. You can learn more here.

Have a brilliant week!