2016.09.30 Last Week in Digital Media

Normally, I would start with a review of news of the week. This week, I want to start with something where you should mark your calendars.

  • October 4th, Google is rumored to be launching new phones, laptops, and their Google Home assistant. Take the time now to register for the updates on the MadeByGoogle website. Of note, the Google Home assistant is rumored to be $50 cheaper than the Amazon Echo equivalent.

Now onto the news from the week:

  • Sticking with Google, they have finally consolidated all of their diverse blogs under one main Google blog called “The Keyword“. Fully searchable, it simplifies getting the latest news, updates, and more from Google.
  • If your clients are pursuing app download strategies, don’t forget that October 5th, Apple will let you place Search Ads in the iOS App Store. You can learn more on the Apple Developer website.
  • Google Doubleclick is making moves away from cookies and towards identity-based marketing. Launching store visit lift attribution within their Display Network (device Advertising IDs, not cookies). Already piloted by Volkswagen, Home Depot, Sprint and others. There is also a good whitepaper on the topic on Google’s site.
  • twitter sale rumors are par for the course most weeks. This week Google, Disney, Salesforce were all floated as potential acquirers.
  • most of you know I am a fan of twitch and the growth of online gaming as an entertainment platform. This week, Amazon extended Amazon Prime to twitch, making twitch ad-free for Prime users. While that may seem a loss to us in the ad industry, it may open more opportunities. Amazon Washington Post digital subscriptions in Prime a few years back and saw usage grow across the board. twitch included in prime is also a good way for Amazon to retain Amazon Prime student subscribers as they move on from college.
  • It’s always hard to get a firm handle on Snapchat’s US numbers. Well during Ad Week, Imran Khan of Snapchat mentioned on stage that Snapchat has 60M US users. A number worth committing to memory next time a client asks.
  • Scared about the future robot uprising? I welcome our robot overlords – but if you don’t, you will be happy to hear that Google, Facebook, IBM, Amazon and more have created a non-profit alliance to oversee AI for the benefit of society. Apple and Intel are notably absent from the founding members.
  • The WSJ reports that Facebook will start running an ad campaign (think TV, OOH, etc) to encourage people to stream content on Facebook, particularly within Facebook Live.
  • The live streaming space is a hot topic between Facebook and twitter. This week twitter opened up Moments this week to anyone i.e. now you can create your own twitter moments. If there is any agency who should be taking a lead in this it’s UM!

Have a great week.