2016.10.07 Last Week in Digital Media

  • Snapchat IPO rumors continue, with the WSJ reporting (subscription required) that an IPO could be as early as March 2017, with a valuation of $25B.
  • The Google hardware event was held during the week. As expected, Google announced new phones, VR headsets, and their AI Home assistant. The Home product is definitely the one to watch given how it will change voice search. The IPG lab has a great event write up here.
  • AI and voice assistances continue their rise in importance. During the week, Samsung announced the acquisition of Viv labs. Viv was started by ex Siri founders and only demonstrated in public this year. With Samsung, Google, Microsoft and Amazon playing in the intelligent assistant space, we can expect more (and cheaper) in-home devices over the next 12 months.
  • I received a few email during the week asking what tracking, measurement pixels are available on YouTube. Given the influx of emails, thought it’s worth sharing with all of you a handy Google website listing YouTube certified partners. A good reference of what you can track, pixel and measure on YouTube.
  • twitter sale rumors haven’t ceased, ranging from “offers expected by Oct 27th, to “everyone denies interest in buying”. Keeping it simple, lots of rumors, no facts, share price all over the place and some of the companies that are rumored to buy are seeing their share price punished as a result.
  • Does your client have an app and run app-install campaigns? Then you have to read this article about app sizes. It’s a fascinating read about how someone watched app-installs collapse as the app increased in size. It highlights something I am always keen to point out, Apple’s over the air (OTA) non-WiFi download limit is 100Mb. A good back-pocket article when you’re next doing an app-install campaign
  • There was an Oculus Rift VR event during the week (Oculus Connect). Key takeaways, Oculus VR is coming to FB, PC hardware requirements are now much leaner ($500 PCs should now support VR), and Mark Zuckerberg talked up the social experience of VR based on personal avatars. Plus of course, a hostof games were announced. You can videos of key highlights on the official blog – the personal avatars are a favorite, while cartoonish, you can definitely see where this is going.
  • Amazon Ads Platform received a good write up in the WSJ during the week. Amazon never breaks out Ad Revenue, but the article has some good estimates (~$1B in Ad Revenue) and that Amazon is working on higher level brand metrics. A good lesson to anyone with data, don’t get ruthlessly focused on sales as a KPI as it ignores the broader value of applying data to your media buy.