2016.12.02 Last Week in Digital Media

While the holiday season is a big time in advertising, most industry partners will be holding off any news until the kick-off of CES in January. So unless there is any breaking news, this is the last newsletter of the year.

  • The IAB announced a consultation/discussion for In-App Mobile Advertising standards. The new Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definition (MRAID) specifications include rules around pre-loading of ads, use of location data, and more. Given most location providers and mobile video providers rely on in-app media, this is an important topic to be across. If you want to contribute to the review, you can do so here.
  • twitter continues to build out their live streaming offering, live streaming Star Wars Rogue One content. As of writing this, there are no public stats available. The live stream was plagued with ~10minutes of technical difficulties (audio issues mainly).
  • Sticking with twitter, they announced via a tweet that now anyone can create moments.direct from their phone (previously it was desktop browser only). The process on your phone is complicated and non-intuitive. If your clients want to try it, best you read it up twitter’s how-to here.
  • Pandora’s share prices spiked by up tp 16% during the week on the back of acquisition rumors. With Liberty Media (SiriusXM) referenced as a possible suitor. There’s no official comment from either party.
  • Circling back to twitter, they acquired a mobile company called Yes Inc. Yes Inc was a startup known for some whimsical apps with a social/community vibe. Sort of a cross between Yo! and Snapchat in terms of overall design and experience. What is of note, is that the CEO of Yes (Keith Coleman) will now be the VP of Product at twitter. This may result in a very different tone of app and service by twitter.

And that wraps the news from last week and for 2016, this newsletter will start again January 9th.

Have a safe new year and happy holiday season.