2017.01.13 Last Week in Digital Media

A short news wrap this week, as the year still gathers momentum. Enjoy the brevity while it lasts!

  • CES is behind us, but this is too important not to share. The IPG Mediabrands CES wrap site is up. This can be shared with clients and is a good summary of the event plus the official Medialab POV. You can access the site here.
  • Facebook and Instagram are now going to start showing video ads mid-roll in each of the respective apps. Of note, rumor is Facebook will share the ad revenue with publishers. which positions itself on a collision course with YouTube.
  • Why the YouTube collision course? Because YouTube is already sharing with content creators and this week also announced “SuperChat” (not to be confused with Snapchat!). Borrowing from twitch, it allows fans (commenters) to fund creators directly and have that contribution stand out in a chat stream. Definitely, a feature to think about how you can use this for your clients.
  • Location data is a hot topic and Uber revealed a new site this week called Movement. Currently available on an as-approved basis only (I have requested access) but it will go open to the public, Movement lets you analyze traffic data from 2B anonymized Uber trips. Learn more here. While you can’t target users, the data could be powerful for media planning.