2017.01.20 Last Week in Digital Media

Here’s what you may have missed:

  • Google and YouTube have updated a whole host of their cross-device and general targeting capabilities. Detailed on their blog, in short, you can now access Google User account data for targeting, cross screen device targeting (huge emphasis on mobile), and have the ability to personalize ads across screen. They also tease some cloud-based marketing functionality coming soon. Looks like Google might be feeling the squeeze from Adobe, Oracle and even AOL-Verizon.
  • Tremor Video announced an exclusive integration with Alphonso this week. If you don’t know Alphonso, it enables real-time 1:1 TV targeting based on audio that has been passively heard in the background via other apps. So via Tremor you can target people with OLV based on someone having seen a competitor ad on TV, watching another event (e.g. superbowl) and a whole lot more. The full press release is here. This targeting is only available from Tremor direct (i.e. not when Tremor is bundled in a programmatic buy through someone else).
  • the BBC have a great study on affluent millennials. Their research shows around 15% of millennials can be classified as affluent and they did a deep dive on how sub-segments respond to advertising and brands.
  • Amazon is moving their dash-button from the physical to the virtual worlds. Currently, only as shortcuts on their site and app, it’s not hard to imagine this working as a piece of code you could embed in any site to make an impulse purchase a tap away. Plus it would give Amazon a lot of insights into what else their customers do on the web. Something worth keeping an eye on for any of our clients who sell via Amazon.
  • Snapchat has expanded its targeted media offering through a Oracle Data Cloud partnership. Enabling you to target people based on what they buy offline.There are over 100 offline segments you can target. Techcrunch has a good overview of what’s on offer.
  • Does Facebook have a teen problem? The answer is no according to a recent UBS Evidence Lab Report (published on eMarketer). Facebook messenger is the reason for the bump.The same report shows Snapchat numbers falling, which is one of the first times I have seen any negative usage growth numbers for Snap Inc.
  • LinkedIn inked a deal with DataSift this week giving API access to anyone looking to target B2B consumers. If you want to learn more, your LinkedIn rep. will be able to help.
  • twitter. An industry news article you need to read until the end. Google bought twitter’s developer tools assets Fabric. This includes Crashlytics and mopub. The mopub acquisition is interesting as it seems to signal another change in the way twitter approaches advertising.

Finally – distraction of the week. Self Driving Cars. A compelling topic for our industry because if people are not driving, they may end up consuming more media (and being exposed to more ads). But in a self driving car, if there’s an accident and the car needs to decide between the car passenger and pedestrian who should be injured, who should it be? MIT has a Moral Machine seeking to discover what people would decide. You can have a play here and make some very hard choices.

Have a great week.