2017.01.27 Last Week in Digital Media

And now for the news:

  • There are reports that Snap Inc. IPO date documents will filed this week, with a target valuation of $25B and an anticipated IPO in March. Expect overly enthusiastic sales tactics from Snapchat in the lead up to the IPO.
  • eMarketer stats from a December 2016, Social Media Report show that Instagram is the preferred platform for influencers to publish content.  In order it is Instagram (89%), Facebook (87%), twitter (85%), personal blog (60%), YouTube (59%), Snapchat (45%) and Pinterest (37%).
  • Amazon Echo had a 9x surge in sales during the holiday period. Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) estimates total sales of 8.2M since the device launched in 2014. You definitely need to be thinking about voice search for clients this year.
  • If your clients have an iOS App, you will know how important app reviews are for driving downloads. Apple’s next iOS update will restrict how often apps can prompt users for a review. The change is rumored to come into effect with the next minor iOS update (version 10.3). Also coming will be the ability for developers to respond to app ratings and reviews.
  • Instagram live stores are now available globally. Live stories have been available here in the US since November. Now people and brands can live stream from anywhere (great for clients having an internationally based launch event).
  • Android Apps will soon have the ability to be used without downloading. Google has started publicly testing the feature. The IPG lab has a write up on why this is big news for brands and advertising.
  • Sticking with our own IPG Medialab the team have been testing mobile Haptic Ads (Android Only). Initial results show that the smart use of Haptics can result in lifts across brand favorability and ad impact. The full of the report can be grabbed here (PDF).
  • Ads on Facebook Messenger are coming! Currently being tested in Australia and Thailandd, the ads are card based and look a bit like Google AMP page news results. Broader roll-out plans are unknown at this stage.
  • twitter updated their app this week, removing “Moments” and replacing it with a Search-like “Explore” tab”. The speculation is that the change comes from twitter wanting to make live video a bigger focus. Although using the word “Explore” instead of “Live” seems to be counter to that theory.
  • Snapchat released an update this week putting their own Search-bar in the main app UI. This is a significant update and will make discovery of people, brands and content on Snapchat infinitely easier. Playing with the search function it’s interesting to see how many brands are (and are not) present in Snapchat, as well as how many individuals are using brand names for their Snapchat handles. Better get talking to Society on a Snapchat strategy for your clients.
  • Finally, Roku and our very own MAGNA, finalized terms on an OTT deal giving access to custom data segments for targeting, including the ability to use Nielsen DAR tagging on all Roku campaigns.

Enjoy your week!