2017.02.03 Last Week in Digital Media


  • the Snap Inc IPO is now official with the company aiming at a $25B valuation or as Fortune points out almost 62x revenues. The full SEC document can be found here and includes what could almost be called instructions for how to use the service (pp 92). For those who can’t be bothered queuing for Spectacles at 3am, pp74 hints that there will be increased distribution (and marketing) of Spectacles in 2017. Coinciding with the IPO announcement, Snapchat also revealed that you can now buy Snapchat ads through a host of API Partners including Kenshoo and Videology.
  • for all of our clients who have products suitable for the cooking, Google rolled out a new recipe feature in mobile app search (not yet available in the web version). If you search for recipes, Google now prompts with handy filters e.g. search for chicken wing recipes and you can filter by honey, garlic, sticky and a lot more. Expect complimentary ad products to be offered soon.
  • Pinterest released their search-ads type product. The new ad product lets you buy ads targeting some of the 2B (global) searches on Pinterest a month. Given Pinterest activity is lower funnel, this is a great way to reach people when they’re ready to buy a product. It’s also a great alternative to Google and Bing, as you can surface a visual result (not just text). Speak to your Reprise team if you’re keen to start using Pinterest search.
  • using Snapchat for product inspiration continues to be a trend for Facebook, who are now testing Snapchat-like stories and filters to their main app. If there’s anything to learn from this it’s that there is clearly a consumer demand for filters, which mean it’s definitely an offering to think of using in a media campaign. A sub-text of all of this is that filters, lenses and the like seem to encourage more sharing (which is also good for brands).
  • in other Facebook rumors, is the news that they’re testing a TV-like app for video and original content. Facebook really needs to double down on video, as the newsfeed isn’t the best environment for video advertising. It’s likely at this stage Facebook is more likely to take this product in the direction of YouTube, twitch or twitter’s periscope offering.
  • Facebook Q4 results were released during the week. On all metrics the news was good with revenue, users, and mobile usage all up. Financial Analyst consensus was mostly positive, with the expectation that there is still an upside in messaging and video advertising. For those interested in the raw numbers, Facebook now gets 84% of revenue from mobile and is averaging 1.8B global monthly active users.
  • Amazon is shaping up to be a serious competitor in the Ad Industry. There’s a great article on Bloomberg that breaks it all down, While Amazon only received 1.3% of US digital ad revenue in 2016, that’s still $940MM it can push to driving more eCommerce sales, Alexa AI innovation, and original content.
  • circling all the way back to Snapchat, the latest version of the app has a VERY cool feature that’s useful for brands. Now anyone with a Snapchat account can create a Snapcode, a QR code scannable by Snapchat to send someone to a website. This is a fun way for brands to start using Snapchat to drive people to their website, even if not active on Snapchat.