2017.02.10 Last Week in Digital Media

Here’s the industry news you may have missed:

  • Nielsen received MRC accreditation for digital TV measurement as part of their TV rating data. This is good news as Nielsen will be in a better position to do cross-platform measurement against a consistent rating currency. Making it easier to plan and buy integrated media.
  • If you or your clients are keen to live stream on YouTube, the barriers to entry just got lower. YouTube opened mobile live streaming this week to anyone with more than 10,000 subscribers (I’m 10,000 short!). Also launched was a feature they called “Superchat” which lets fans pay to have their comments highlighted and featured. YouTube shares income generated from Superhchat with creators.
  • Spotify and the NYTimes launched a bundled subscription offering this week. The bundle is 20% cheaper than a standalone subscription to both services (although the price reverts to non-discounted rates after a year).
  • our very own client, Hululaunched VR streaming. Hulu is offering both VR content and immersive environments for non-VR content. If you’re interested in Hulu in VR, you will need a PlayStation VR, Oculus or a VR-capable Samsung phone.
  • the FTC fined Vizio $2.2MM for collecting smartTV viewing habit data from 11MM connected TVs. As part of the ruling, Vizio must delete data collected before March 1, 2016, implement a data privacy policy and seek affirmative consent for collecting such data in the future.
  • Pinterest have a very cool beta. The AI-based Pinterest Lens product (no relation to Snapchat Lens) lets you point your camera at anything and get Pinterest Pin related and associated item suggestions. If the beta turns into a full release, this will make advertising on Pinterest powerful given the ability to bridge the digital and physical worlds with “people who liked this also like this”.
  • Facebook had some very public measurement issues at the end of last year, so it’s reassuring to see that Facebook will now accept MRC auditing.This was announced in a blog post, including some news that later this year they will introduce completed view buying as well as MRC compliant viewability standards. While long overdue, hopefully, Facebook’s decision will encourage others who have held out to align with a consistent industry standard.

FYI: There will be no email update next week. The next email will be March 27th.