2017.04.07 Last Week in Digital Media

Google/YouTube Brand Safety updates:

  • Google is going to allow MRC accredited 3rd party verification. This is currently planned as being available post-campaign only i.e. not to prevent ads running on inappropriate content but after a campaign, reporting if ads ran on inappropriate content. The timeline for when this is available is yet to be confirmed.
  • YouTube channels with under 10,000 views will not longer be eligible for monetization. Full details are on the YouTube creator blog here,

non-YouTube brand safety reminder: Don’t forget to ensure consistency in how you apply brand safety policies (including site blocks) across other partners, especially in programmatic.

Other industry news:

  • twitter has added location sharing capability to direct messages. This is useful for brands with a physical location and where twitter is a customer service available. The first users of the service are in the QSR/CDR category Wingstop and TGIF.
  • Amazon has picked up the rights to live stream Thursday NFL games (taking them on twitter). The games will only be available to Prime subscribers (whereas twitter streamed free to anyone). The move really differentiates Amazon from Netflix and Hulu, as it makes Amazon the first to offer live content.
  • our own IPG Media Lab released their 2017 Media Outlook, identifying the 4 big trends of 2017 1. Next Wave Computing; 2. Advanced Interfaces; 3. Global Culture; 4. Augmented Intelligence. as well as 5 tips for 2017. Definitely worth a read.
  • not media, but worth flagging given many of our clients have apps and UM does run app download campaigns. iOS 11 will end support for legacy 32bit apps. If you want to know if your client’s app is at risk of no longer working, this article tells you how to check. And if your client is at risk, it’s a good opportunity to connect them with Ansible.
  • the Yahoo! and AOL merger will result in a new company called Oath: The website is not yet live, under Oath: becoming an official site in summer of 2017. It’s not yet clear if Oath: will be a destination site or simply a corporate entity like Alphabet.
  • Yelp! acquired Turnstyle a company that specializes in providing free WiFi capability to customers of a retailer (retailers pay for the service). Why this matters is customers who use the free WiFi can opt for future marketing from the retailer.
  • Roku is offering Nielsen audience guarantees for ads bought through their platform. This is available for content consumed via the Roku app, including services like Hulu.

Enjoy the rest of your week.