2017.04.28 Last Week in Digital Media

Onto the news you may have missed:

  • Linked In hit 500million global members, up over 100million on a little over a year ago. Don’t forget Microsoft is looking to grow the ad products side of Linked In and as of January, you can also use DataSift to mine Linked In data.
  • While Linked In’s growth is great, Instagram’s growth was more impressive, growing 100million in just a quarter. Instagram now has 700million global users. That’s more than double the user’s it had a year ago. Business Insider has a nice chart showing Instagram’s growth trajectory.
  • If you know anyone who doubts the next generation are cord cutters, YouTube Kids has 8million weekly viewers across 26 countries. The big news is, YouTube kids is now extending beyond phones and tablets and will now be available on Sony, Samsung and LG smart TVs. Potentially fueling more user growth.
  • twitter had some positive news, with user numbers up 9million this quarter. Their biggest growth since 2015. It hasn’t translated into revenue growth, but there could be some lag as ad dollars catch up to the increased audience potential.
  • It’s been a big week for Amazon. First, they launched Subscribe with Amazon, a platform for digital content providers to sell subscriptions within the Amazon marketplace. It is unlikely that Amazon will play nice with those who compete against parts of Amazon e.g Hulu, Spotify, etc. although they are offering SlingTV subscriptions in the marketplace.
  • The more interesting Amazon news was the extension of Echo/Alexa into the camera space withEcho Look. The not yet available $200 device is a mix of hands-free camera and style assistant. The style assistant part being powered by a mix of AI and stylists to give you fashion advice. Privacy and security concerns aside, what can be read into this is Amazon’s desire to more actively move into the fashion sector.
  • Brand Safety looks like it will be the permanent staple of this year’s updates. Both Google andFacebook announced plans to bury, hide and filter fake news. Google has retooled search result to bury fake news and Facebook Operations have a 13 page PDF document on their POV. Collectively it’s more of an FYI that both companies are starting to wake up to the problems of fake news.
  • AI continues to establish itself as the biggest disruptive force to the economy and media since digital. In the media world, Oracle is bringing AI to their data cloud platform. AI will be automating analytics, insights and media recommendations.

Finally, Rutgers are now offering a certificate course in Big Data. The 4-day classroom program is designed as a mix of education and a practical environment for participants to solve for a data related problem within their own organization. If you think you or your clients may find this course useful, let me know as I have agreed to be a mentor on a student project.

Have a great week.