2017.06.16 Last Week in Digital Media

It’s an exciting week ahead in media, with both Vidcon and Cannes happening, but what happened last week? Here’s the news you may have missed:

  • Over the weekend, Google Europe’s General Counsel published an op-end in the FT and on the Google blog on four (4) additional steps being taken on brand safety. Broadly these are 1. tech/AI 2. people 3. tougher stance (including no ads, content pre-roll warnings, comments disabled) and 3. sponsoring voices for change. You can read the full op-ed and details here.
  • Snapchat Spectacles 2.0 rumors are making the rounds again. VR and AR remain the constant theme of what to expect in the next version.
  • Snap launched their self service ad manager. Next month, Snap will be making available publisher tools for creating ads. This includes tools for editing existing videos so they are vertical, plus the ability to add other Snapchat style effects.
  • It was an end of an era, with AOL‘s acquisition of Yahoo! closing during the week. Yahoo! will now be a subsidiary of Oath: the holding company for the various AOL-Verizon digital media assets.
  • No one could have missed the news Amazon acquired Whole Foods. What you may have missed is how this now gives Amazon retail proximity to 40million high income households. It also explains why in the same week, an Amazon patent to stop conquesting within physical retail locations.
  • Cross-device targeting should be something everyone worries about. The IAB published a good paper on how to think about mobile identity. If you don’t have time for the 17 page full report (which includes some great ComScore numbers on top apps and their reach) the brief 2 page document is worth a read (PDF)
  • Instagram is adding new capability to clearly tag paid posts with “paid partnership” messaging. If you’re working with influencers, it’s important you make sure they use this functionality.
  • Pinterest has added a whole lot more measurement partners to their platform. New partners include  Acxiom, Analytic Partners, IRI, MarketShare, NCSs and Nielsen DAR.
  • Facebook rolled out new tools in the week that blend purchase data with targeting. Called “value optimization” it’s designed to better target customers that will purchase in store. You can learn more on Facebook’s advertising blog.
  • The latest MAGNA advertising research is out. Digital has now surpassed linear television take the highest share of ad revenues. You can read the top 10 findings here. Or download the PDF report here.
  • One of the best perspectives on ad blocking I have read for a while, was posted on MediaPost during the week. The thesis being that the Coalition for Better Ads, and moves by Google and Apple to build adblocking into their software will help save advertising from itself. Definitely worth a read.

Have a brilliant week.



PS. A friendly reminder, Vidcon is this week. I posted a perspective on the Think With Google blog during the week, one why I believe you’ll learn more about the future of video and advertising at Vidcon.