2017.06.23 Last Week in Digital Media

Last week was #VidconUS2017, in fact it just wrapped up this Sunday. UM (via IPG) had a major presence across our clients and teams. Here’s some highlights of things I heard during Vidcon from our clients, creators and teams:

  • the mobile first generation is a mobile video first generation. They can’t understand why someone would watch linear TV outside of major events – as the mobile is on-demand anytime, anywhere, anyplace.
  • a client noted that YouTube skews older than they thought and it’s clear that YouTube will keep building out older demos (just like what happened with Facebook, Instagram, etc)
  • creators want long term partnerships. It’s not because of the ad revenue, it’s because of the authenticity. The more a brand is a natural part of their lives, the better it will resonate with their audience as being genuinely aligned brands and content.
  • the connection between fans and creators is very real. Notably, creators care more about their audience/fans than traditional celebrities because they have grown, hand built, curated, and connected with that audience over many years.
  • creators care about brands finding the right fit. Every creator made it clear that finding a match between the creators voice and your brand voice was the most important first step.
  • We all shouldn’t be afraid of contacting creators directly – creators want this and will help navigate the right collaboration process.
  • Vidcon has matured – this was the 8th year and the presence of major brands on the show floor was clear NBC, Hasbro, Nickelodeon, Mars and Adobe had a notable presence.

There was also a few YouTube announcements, these included:

  • revealing there are 1.5Billion logged in users on YouTube every single month.
  • introducing VR180, 3D Video that captures a 180degree view – lowering the cost of VR production
  • vertical video support including app updates so these play full view
  • expanded markets for YouTube TV. the live TV product is now available in 10 more US markets
  • the YouTube app now supports Nielsen DAR. (bringing them into line with Snapchat and Pinterest)

You can read the full details of the announcements on the YouTube blog. For those unable to go to Vidcon because of client work, don’t worry. I am working with Google to bring a Vidcon wrap to the local offices. Stay tuned. To get a feel for the event, check out the queue of fans lined up at 7am waiting to get in to the main hall or read why I think Vidcon matters.

Of course, there is more happening than Vidcon. Here’s the other news you may have missed.

  • Time Warner is investing $100M to make shows for Snapchat. Revenue from ads will be split 50/50 according to bloomberg.
  • Google’s general job search feature is now available. Currently it’s discovered by doing a job search within the main search box. Announced back during Google I/O, this is a smart way for Google to get more data for them to better monetize ads (job searches reveal where you live, income, etc).
  • in a less-invasive data move, Google’s Gmail, will stop reading your email content to serve you ads. This is not the end of ads in Gmail, ads will still be served based on other information Google knows about you.
  • Instagram stories now has 250M active users per day compared to Snapchat’s 166M. That means Instagram grew by 50M daily users in the last 2 months.
  • a sign that eCommerce competition is hotting up, eBay announced price-matching with Amazon, Walmart. Wayfair, Home Depot, Best Buy, Target and Sears. Specifically for new, unopened items on the eBay deals site (this repositions eBay as a retailer).
  • Snapchat secretly acquired social map app Zenly for around $250M-$350M a few months back. The deal was announced this week and followed almost immediately with a Snapchat app update that lets you see where your friends are (you can opt-out) and also heatmaps of popular areas, snap locations. This feature adds another discovery layer to Snapchat.
  • If your clients were hesitant about YouTube’s 6 second bumper ads, then it’s time to tell them that Fox Networks will also support the format. Initially available only from Fox on digital on demand, it will roll out to linear TV as well.
  • Facebook‘s original video content rumors persist. This time, it’s the WSJ reporting Facebook is offering up to $3M per episode for original content series.

Hope you have an awesome week.


PS. Fun distraction for the week is that Google is now in on the spinner craze, Google Spinner to play!