2017.07.07 Last Week in Digital Media

Here’s what you may have missed in the shorter 4th of July week.

  • Facebook is introducing household targeting, which as the name suggests, let’s you target everyone in a household across each of their individual accounts. Household targeting will also work with custom audiences. Household targeting has a number of benefits. You could target holiday clothing/fashion if you know someone in the family has already booked a holiday; or you could reduce waste by not targeting everyone in a household with ads to subscribe to Hulu if you know someone already has a subscription. The feature will be available on all accounts by the time holiday season kicks in.
  • Google published some new eSports stats.eSports watchtime is up 90% over the past year, there are over 20MM How To Gaming videos on YouTube, and there are 40MM hours of gaming unboxing videos on YouTube. All of which is a good reminder that gaming and eSports is no longer niche.
  • There is a rumor floating around that Verizon is seeking to license data from competitors to improve ad targeting. Reported by MediaPost, there would be a lot of hurdles to any deal coming to fruition.
  • Snapchat released some new features in their core app. This includes a voice changer and a backdrop filter. But the biggest change is that now anyone can add links to a Snap. Links are already available in ads, but making it available to anyone should help encourage users to open links in ads. It should also be good for publishers (bringing users into the main mobile site off the back of a Snap). If you want to better understand how to use these new features, here’s a handy YouTube video that explains them all.
  • Instagram also updated their app during the week. You can now reply to stories with photos, full details are on this instagram blog post. At the same time, Instagram is trying to cut back on spam on the platform. Shutting down 3rd party services that automate comments, follows, etc Instagram are also shadow banning (hiding from being easily discovered) accounts that over use hashtags. If your clients are seeing changes in their instagram engagement numbers, this may be why.
  • Google has added mobile native ad capability to AdSense (somewhat positioning Google against Outbrain, Nativo, etc). Available in 3 formats Feed, Article and Matched Content – you can use one, any or all of them from directly within AdSense. More details are on the AdSense blog here.
  • The YouGov brand index of the top and most improved brands across millennials. There’s a great write up on AdWeek which also features both lists. There are a number of UM clients (and their brands) on both lists including Band-Aid, Coca Cola, CVS and Spotify. The lists are also worth a read so you know what media properties (hint: mostly mobile apps) resonate with millennials.
  • Nielsen‘s mid-year US streaming audio report is out (registration required). For the 1st 6 months of 2017, there were 184.3 billion on-demand audio streams. This is up 62% since the same period in 2016. If you don’t want to register to get the full report, there’s a summary of key stats on the Nielsen site.

Hope you have a great week!