2017.07.14 Last Week in Digital Media

A shorter update this week:

  • Developers are having fun with Apple’s Augmented Reality tool (AR Kit). There are some great GIFs showing demos of what has been made so far. Worth looking at and getting inspired about the future and what it could mean for brands, marketing and advertising.
  • Facebook cut the price of their Oculus VR headset. This is the second time this year the price has dropped. For the next 6 weeks Oculus is $399 (previously $599). You still need a dedicated VR-ready PC to make Oculus usable. Expect further price drops as there are also rumors that a standalone (non PC dependent) $200 Oculus headset will be coming soon.
  • Facebook is bring ads to Facebook Messenger. In beta testing since January, messenger ads are available to buy now but will roll out to users by the end of the month. If you want to see how the ads look, there’s a video demo on the very brief announcement post.
  • Pandora are expanding their store visit attribution offering by partnering with Foursquare. An interesting stat that surfaced as part of the announcement was that 30% of Pandora’s advertisers are using location measurement in their campaigns.
  • Roku now has 15million monthly active users and streamed 7billion hours of content in the 1st half of 2017. This is interesting in context of a recent ComScore stat that shows Roku has the highest streaming stick/device penetration in the US. As you think about advanced TV, don’t forget UM has access to additional client benefits (targeting, research, etc) on Roku through the MAGNA contract.

Enjoy your week.