2017.09.15 Last Week in Digital Media

think with Google live Wednesday, 9/20 at 1pmET, think with Google will host a live Q&A on social between Bethany Poole, Director, Ads Marketing and Joshua Lowcock, EVP and chief digital officer at UM, on how mobile is changing consumer behavior and what these shifts mean for marketers. Viewers can tune in via Facebook Live. This is open to everyone (UM, clients and the public).

The news of the week:

  • Apple announced new iPhone’s, a new Apple Watch and AppleTV device. None of which you probably missed, and if you did – there’s good perspectives on the IPG Media Lab site. Personally, what I found interesting was the LTE capable Apple Watch. Why? Because now you can ditch your phone and still text, talk and use apps. This is interesting for marketers because in 2-3 years, we may start talking about “mobile light” or “watch heavy” users and media strategies for the post-mobile phone generation. Maybe this will make email, location, wallet/passbook cards, and messaging even more important.
  • there’s an important Facebook test underway of a “snooze” button. No, Facebook isn’t going to let you sleep in but it is testing the ability to snooze updates from friends, pages and groups for 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days. On the positive side, this would stop unfollows of brand, on the negative – you may see changes in engagement across your clients. This is definitely something to keep in mind and watch across your client activations.
  • the Chrome browser will no longer auto play content with sound from January 2018. Venturebeat has a breakdown of the timeline and rules in place, with beta testing already underway. It’s important you start asking media partners now on how they are ensuring your videos are seen and heard.
  • Snapchat got a shoutout during the iPhone launch around Lenses and AR. In product news, Snapchat introduced 3D AR Bitmoji’s. Classified as “World Lenses” because they AR is shown in the real world. Worth playing with, as it opens some fun ways for brands to play in the AR space.
  • Instagram is bringing Facebook’s full (mobile) screen Canvas ad format to Instagram Stories. The ads can also be cross syndicated across Facebook and the Facebook Audience Network.
  • Some interesting stats from AppAnnie (an app analytics firm) reports that YouTube comprised 80% of the total Android Video viewing hours over the past 12 months. AppAnnie also reports that total mobile video viewing is up 45% in the same period (across all video services).
  • the BBC has been experimenting with making interactive radio dramas on Amazon’s Echo platform. There’s a write up on Digiday on the experience and learnings. Something to keep in mind from a content perspective.
  • rumors are around that Snapchat will start doing brand integrations in their original content series. The rumor started based on a Snapchat job posting for a Head of Brand Integration. Snapchat hasn’t confirmed or denied the rumors.