2018.12.07 Last Week in Digital Media

Welcome back to Last Week in Digital Media. This week, I’ll include some of the major stories that broke during my the newsletter hiatus. This will also be the second last update of the year given the Holiday season is just around the corner. 

The last issue covered revelations about Facebook’s alleged behavior toward competitors. During the week, the UK parliament released a 250pp document (PDF) with Facebook correspondence that was seized from a company called Six4Three. Here’s what you need to know:

Editorial: Facebook comes across as somewhat tone deaf and blind to concerns about the matters that have come to light in the documents. There is also very little being said proactively by Facebook about privacy or data protection. Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer has been notably silent as of writing this. With data and privacy regulation firmly on the horizon for 2019, Facebook is doing neither themselves or the industry favors right now. This headline (and article) on Forbes sums it up best “Facebook still doesn’t understand what privacy means“.



  • Hulu is on track to have 23MM subscribers by the end of 2018. The details were revealed by Hulu’s CEO (Randy Freer) at the Business Insider Ignition conference. Freer did hint that international expansion is coming, ad revenue remains a key part of the model, but did not reveal details or speculate on Disney might do given it is/will be a major shareholder.
  • AT&T has signaled it might sell it’s 10% stake in Hulu. This could potentially give Disney even greater control should it decide to take up AT&T’s share (Comcast is the other likely party). The news comes as WarnerMedia (a subsidiary of AT&T) continues to hint at more details of its own subscription-based streaming service which will include three (3) content tiers and is expected to include advertising.
  • A reminder, Google will turn off annotations in YouTube on January 15th. This has been expected for over a year now, with the ability to annotate new videos being discontinued back in May of 2017 but worth reminding clients in case they have legacy videos using the feature.


Have a great week.