2019.08.02 Last Week in Digital Media

There’s some big news in regulation this week, so need to address this upfront. The EU ruled that companies using the Facebook Like button on their site will be liable for collecting user data and passing it Facebook (PDF link), full ruling text here. This is major news as the network of sites using the Like button provides Facebook with a lot of intelligence on user behavior and interests (Forbes has a good write up). What is significant is the ruling isn’t necessarily restricted to Facebook, a lot of platforms offer something similar (twitter, Linked In, Pinterest) to website owners. Client or brand operating in the EU and using social buttons should get independent legal advice to fully understand the implications.

  • the Direct TV name is set to disappear, with AT&T changing the name to AT&T TV Now. The rebrand will occur later this summer.
  • the four major US broadcasters (CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox) have come together to sue Locast, a service that streams local TV broadcasts for free. The basis for the complaint is that Locast is eroding licensing fees the broadcasters earn from cable companies.

Have a great week.


PS. The use of stereotypes can be a dangerous thing and in the world of digital, the hacker-in-the-hoodie is a very common image used in cybersecurity. The design firm IDEO has invited people to come up with a new image for cybersecurity. If you’re feeling creative, there is a prize to be won!