Lowcock Family Tree – Research Notes

This page contains random research note on Lowcock family history. I am trying to work out if the various Lowcock families I have discovered are related. If you have the Lowcock surname and have done an Ancestry DNA test, please contact me as that would quickly solve if we’re related.

It’s full of guesses and my own files notes, which I am making public in the hope it helps another researcher and they share insights back with me. If you can confirm or deny any of the details, let me know.

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It may be that all of the Lowcock family are related, but this is all guesswork and supposition. Details below:

Lowcock Family Tree: Potential Relationship

Please keep in mind, none of this is proven or accurate – just me making guesses.

  • Unknown Parents of George & Matthew
    • George S Lowcock (Cutler) b.1784 – Lowcock Cutler
      • George Lowcock (Cutler) b.1803
      • Henry Lowcock (Plough) b.1811 – Plough Inventor
    • Matthew Lowcock (Fuel Economizer) b.1785
      • John Lowcock (Fuel Economizer) b.1813
        • Arthur Lowcock (Fuel Economizer) b.1853 – Fuel Economizer Inventor

Connecting the dots

I think that George (1784) and Matthew (1785) were brothers. This is because when I built the trees (I built them both separately, as didn’t expect a relationship and was just tracing individual groups of people with the Lowcock surname). It turns out that Matthew did have a brother called George.

The bit that makes me doubt all of this is that the location of the families is spread over disparate parts of the UK. But there’s enough passage of time to make it a possibility, as George Lowcock was in Central London. Of his sons, maybe Henry did move out of London City to Marldon; and maybe Matthew’s branch moved to Manchester.

After all – George’s sister (Sophia) moved to Jamaica, Henry moved to Australia – I have evidence that the Lowcock family moved great distances, so moving a couple of hours away within the same country is a possibility.

Really stretching things

George Lowcock (1803) of Lowcock Razor may may may (just) be a brother of Henry Lowcock (1811).

My reasoning is as follows.

  • 8 years separates their birth.
  • I know Henry’s fathers’ name was George, as was George’s father.

But this is all a series of wild guesses right now. I need time, paper and an Ancestry subscription (and time) to prove this all out.

Lowcock Family History

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