Guide: Remarkable 2 Compatible Pens / Remarkable Marker Alternatives

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I own a Remarkable 2; if you’re reading this, you either own one or are thinking of getting one. If it’s the latter, I recommend the Remarkable. It may seem relatively costly, but as a distraction-free dedicated writing device, it’s impossible to beat. No notifications, no temptations of “I’ll just check this website” or “Reply to this email,” etc., and the writing experience is like paper. There’s a lot of magic to the Remarkable in everything from the eInk screen to the UI, but the Remarkable Pen, technically, the Remarkable Marker, is key.

If you have lost your Remarkable Pen, want a replacement Remarkable Marker, or want a budget Remarkable Marker alternative, I have tested and used them all. The following pens (markers) work with the Remarkable 2. They are also much more affordable than the official Remarkable Marker; the only limitation is not all of them come with the magnet. They are all 100% compatible with the Remarkable 2, not only in my tests but according to the people that make these pens. So it’s a win-win and will save you money.

If you want to save money when purchasing a Remarkable 2, jump straight to the end.

FYI. All of these pens will work with v2 and v3 of the Remarkable software and all the software features work e.g., you can use different pen types (pen, pencil, etc.) and pen widths (thin, medium, etc.).

Ultimate Pick: LAMY AL-Star Black Stylus (Button Eraser)

LAMYI originally wanted to call this a luxury pick, but it’s my ultimate choice. The LAMY AL-Star Black retails for US$55 on Amazon. Even at full price, it’s US$60 cheaper than the Remarkable Marker Plus and US$15 cheaper than the standard Remarkable Marker. There’s no eraser on the LAMY, but you can hack it, so it has eraser-like functions. What makes it luxurious is it feels like a pen as it’s made of metal, and the thickness gives it an authentic pen-like feel.

The LAMY is honestly the best Remarkable 2 writing experience I have found. There’s a button on the LAMY stylus that, with a simple hack (instructions here) makes the button work as an eraser, which is great for on-the-fly corrections.

If you use a LAMY Rollerball, you can even switch the barrel so you can have it any color you want.  The LAMY is my preferred Remarkable pen set up in the office as it looks professional. I prefer the Remarkable Marker tips in the LAMY for what it’s worth. You can buy Remarkable marker tips here.

I have also tried the LAMY Al-Star with POM tips, as the LAMY POM tips are for paper-like surfaces, but it didn’t feel as good to me. I haven’t found a way to buy the LAMY POM in the US, but you can import the LAMY Al-Star Pom tip version from Amazon UK. If you’re in-store buying a LAMY Al-Star, you can try the Round Nib (POM) for Matte Surfaces but the best result in terms of “writing feel” is the Remarkable Marker tips in the LAMY.

Check LAMY EMR Pen Price on Amazon

Great Pick: Kindle Scribe Premium Pen (built-in Eraser/Magnetic)KIndle Scribe Premium Pen

The Kindle Scribe Premium Pen is a very close second to the LAMY pen for me. It might even be your first choice, but I prefer the size and design of the LAMY. The Kindle Scribe premium pen is more expensive than the LAMY, but you do get an eraser that works out of the box (no hack required), it attaches magnetically, and it has a button, so you can still use the button hack to customize features.

The caveats on the Kindle Scribe premium pen are it does feel a little less premium than the LAMY. The magnetic attachment isn’t strong and the magnets on the Remarkable mean the pen will sit a little higher. It sits about the eraser nub higher on your Remarkable. You can make it attach in the center, but it has a bias for being misaligned. This isn’t bad or negative; just something to know. Given the price, it’s great value compared to the official Remarkable Marker, and given you get magnetic capability and a working eraser, it’s a great deal. Plus, it’s always in stock and ships very fast from Amazon.

Check the Kindle Scribe Premium Pen Price on Amazon

Good Pick: Staedtler Noris Digital Jumbo (Eraser)

Staedtler ‎Noris JumboThe Staedtler Noris Digital Jumbo might be a mouthful of a name, but it’s equivalent to the Marker Plus. The Noris Digital Jumbo looks like a classic Staedtler pencil and has a red Remarkable compatible eraser at the end. It’s a little chunky, but you won’t really notice this after a few days of use.

The Noris Digital Jumbo retails between US$40-$60 on Amazon. Personally, I think it’s a good buy only at $40 because, from $50 up, you can get the LAMY pen or the Scribe pen. Either way, the Staedtler is cheaper than the official Remarkable Marker Plus, and all you lose is the magnet. I love that the Staedtler ‎looks like one of their pencils (hexagonal shape); it’s made of wood (pressed sawdust, I think) and has seriously cool retro vibes. Personally, I think using this helps make the Remarkable 2 feel even more paper because the look of the Staedtler ‎helps trick your brain. The benefit of the Noris Jumbo is there’s no need to hack it as the eraser works out of the box. No hack is required.

If you want a Remarkable 2 compatible pen with a built-in eraser, the Staedtler Noris Digital Jumbo is a good choice.

Check Staedtler Noris Digital Jumbo price on Amazon
Note the price of this pen fluctuates; if it’s over US$50, get the LAMY or Scribe pen.

Fair Pick: Staedtler ‎Noris Digital Classic (No Eraser) or Kindle Scribe Basic Pen

The budget pick is also from Staedtler, and it’s called the Staedtler ‎Noris Digital Classic. At about US$30 on Amazon, it’s cheaper than the jumbo, but you lose the eraser. It’s currently going in and out of stock on Amazon, so if you want it and see it, grab it – don’t hesitate. The Stadtler Noris Classic is one of the cheapest pens you can get for the Remarkable. It’s much more pencil-like, and if you’re not comfortable with the additional thickness of the Staedtler ‎Jumbo, this is your choice, but you do lose the eraser. The Staedtler ‎Noris Classic is really a replacement for the standard US$79 Remarkable Marker. So you’re saving about $50 on the official Remarkable Marker. I didn’t mind the Staedtler ‎Classic, but given the Jumbo includes an eraser, I would prioritize the Jumbo version as I find the eraser more convenient for ad-hoc corrections. Like the Jumbo, this is made from wood but doesn’t have a magnet. The Classic does feel very much like the official Remarkable Marker.

Alternatively, also in this category is the Kindle Scribe basic pen. It’s about the same price, it’s always in stock – so may be a better option for some people. It is magnetic, so all of the comments about the Kindle Scribe premium pen still apply. I prefer the Staedtler at this price point, as it looks cooler. But! If you have lost or broken your Remarkable Pen and need a cheap fast replacement, get the Kindle Scribe Basic pen.

Check Staedtler ‎Noris Digital Classic price on Amazon.
Note this pen is frequently out of stock.

Check the Kindle Scribe Basic Pen price on Amazon

Budget Pick: Samsung S6 Aftermarket Pen (Button Eraser)

S6 Lite PenThis was a difficult one to rank, I’m putting in last, but if you just want the cheapest option, this should be your choice. This is an aftermarket (not original) Samsung S6 Lite pen for under US$20 on Amazon. The official pens cost around US$50, and for that price, I prefer the LAMY. The nice thing about the S6 Lite pen is that it has a button you can hack to use as an eraser (the LAMY hack works), but it also attaches magnetically to the side of your Remarkable. The aftermarket Samsung S6 pens are available in multiple colors including charcoal, pink, and blue which means you can pick a color that fits your personality. As this is an aftermarket pen, the magnet is not super-strong, but it is enough to work. You can also use genuine Remarkable tips to get the best writing experience.  This is why it’s a tough call to rank this pen – it’s the cheapest Remarkable pen alternative, magnetic, button eraser, and genuine Remarkable tips work. Still, it’s not a genuine Samsung pen, so not sure how responsive and reliable it will be in the long term. It might be perfect if you buy the official Samsung Pen for US$50, but that puts you in the territory of better alternatives. Remember, you still need to hack your Remarkable software to make the button work.

Check the Samsung S6 Lite pen price on Amazon

Remarkable Case Alternatives

If you’re after a Remarkable Case alternative,  I have a small write-up here of the best Remarkable Case alternative. You don’t need to buy the expensive Remarkable Case, I use mine with an aftermarket Remarkable case from Amazon, and it’s perfect.

Final Advice – Save over $100 on the Remarkable 2

If you jumped straight here, hello! If you want to save over $100 on the Remarkable 2, buy the Remarkable without a Stylus and without the official Remarkable case. Why? You can buy one of the Remarkable compatible pens above on Amazon (treat yourself, get the LAMY Al-Star, or if you want an eraser, get the Staedtler Noris Digital Jumbo) for less than the official Remarkable Marker.

After several weeks, I defaulted to using the LAMY stylus on my Remarkable 2. The Staedtler Jumbo was nice, but the LAMY just looks and feels so much better to write with. To save money on the Remarkable Case, I bought this one from Amazon (in grey) for under $20. A mini-review of Remarkable Case alternatives is here. This case is awesome it has a little pocket at the back for storing your Remarkable Pen (official or otherwise), so it doesn’t matter that (some of) the replacement pens above don’t have a magnet.

In total, assuming you get the LAMY and the case, it will only cost US$90, which means you will save almost US$100 on the purchase of your Remarkable compared to buying the “basic” Remarkable Marker and Folio and about $175 if you bought the Marker Plus and Premium Folio. It’s seriously worth buying the alternatives above and saving money. It’s how I use my Remarkable 2.

Update: Amazon Scribe Announced

Amazon announced their Remarkable competitor, the Amazon Scribe. I have written up a comparison of the Remarkable 2 v. Amazon Scribe here.

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Important: I am not affiliated with any of the manufacturers, brands, services, or websites listed on this page and this is my personal experience.  If you find this helpful and want to say thanks, please buy me a coffee or take a look at my book on Amazon. It keeps this page ad-free. Thank you!

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