Joyce Lowcock

Joyce Lowcock was the daughter of Kwok Yau Tak (Lowcock) and granddaughter of Henry Lowcock. I’m still in the very early stages of researching Joyce Lowcock.

Joyce’s family tree is as follows


From my understanding, Joyce had at least three (3) sisters, as follows:

  • Winnie Lowcock
  • Agnes Lowcock
  • Frances Lowcock

Personal Life

My very rudimentary research has Joyce Lowcock under the name of “Joyce Lowcock Chen” and her passing in 1998. It suggests she was born in Hong Kong, which checks out with the Hong Kong Lowcock’s, but that she has a US Social Security Record.

After much sleuthing (thanks to an expert at Ancestry).

  • Joyce Lowcock Chen b. May 20, 1918. April 2, 1998
  • husband: Martin Chen b. unknown. dunknown, but pre-1966
    • Fred Chen b. unknown
    • Hilda Chen b. unknown

Joyce Lowcock Chen passed in the US, in San Francisco. It appears she applied for US Naturalization in 1966.  Joyce’s address at the time was 863 33rd Avenue, San Francisco.  According to her immigration documents, she was widowed at the time she applied for naturalization.

There is an anomaly in Joyce’s address, in 1986 the play “What a blessing mother never knew” it lists an address for royalties for the performance as “J Lowcock, 6 Riverside Crescent, Holymoorside, Chesterfield”. This may have been Joyce’s address or agent, I am unable to confirm.

According to the funeral notice (1998), Joyce’s memorial service was at St Peter’s Episcopal Church, San Francisco. So it’s possible she did travel between the US and UK prior to her death.

Joyce Lowcock Playwright

What makes Joyce Lowcock interesting is she was an author/playwright.  There are two (2) plays from Joyce Lowcock available on

Other plays or books by Joyce Lowcock, but where I have limited details:

  • Colin’s High Rise Christmas (1978)
    Described as: A nativity play that brings the story of the birth of Christ into the twentieth century in a simple and effective form.
  • O Happy Band of Pilgrims (1985)
  • It Was Never Like This At St Paul’s (1985)
  • By George (1986)
  • Salute the Happy Morn (July 1986)
  • Kiss Of Life (1986)
  • Roses In December (1986)

A full list of Joyce Lowcock’s plays can be found here. It appears all of Joyce Lowcock’s work is out of print.

Do you know more about Joyce Lowcock?

Joyce Lowcock was still publishing plays a little over 30 years ago, so I am hoping someone might still remember her or know more. At the very least, I am hoping that descendants of her children may find this page. If you do know Joyce Lowcock Chen and would like to share details, chat, etc. then please contact me. If you’re a descendent of Joyce Lowcock or Joyce Chen, please do reach out.

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