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Thanks for visiting the Lowcock’s Lemonade Signs memorabilia page. I am NOT affiliated with Lowcock’s Lemonade in any past, present or future capacity.  I just share the same name. If you’re interested in the Lowcock surname you can read up Lowcock Genealogy and about me here.

This Lowcock’s Lemonade Signs page includes photos of signs that seem to have been used to promote Lowcock’s Lemonade in-store (or on the side of buses).

If you want to share photos, please contact me.  I always try and give credit to the original source material.

The following Lowcock’s Lemonade sign was found in an old eBay listing. The sign measures 12′ x 3′ (3.65m x 1m). The sign is described as being wooden and hand-painted.

Lowcock's Lemonade Wooden Sign

Some other Lowcock’s Lemonade vintage signs I have found, include this “Ask for Lowcock’s Lemonade”.

Ask for Lowcock's Lemonade

And this one, which reminds you of the bottles are returnable.

Lowcock's Lemonade - Returnable Bottles

Ned Basher owns the copyright in the next photo of a bus (Cleveland Transit Fleetline L568) at Middlesbrough Bus Station. The photo was taken on August 2nd, 1984, and features an ad for Lowcock’s Lemonade.

Lowcock's Lemonade Bus Advertisement (Photo Copyright Ned Basher)


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If you have any photos of Lowcock Lemonade items that you are happy for me to post on this page, please let me know.

Friendly Reminder

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet Archive, I am able to share some photos/images from Lowcock’s Lemonade. Again, I need to stress I am not affiliated or associated and I believe you cannot buy Lowcock’s Lemonade. Simply sharing the information as I get regular inquiries about Lowcock’s Lemonade.

I am interested in Lowcock’s Lemonade collectibles, old bottles, etc. purely because it features my surname. If you have Lowcock’s Lemonade collectible items you no longer want and wish to donate (or have the photo put on this page), please do contact me. Keep in mind I am not an heir to any Lowcock Lemonade fortune, so donations are preferred.

Reminder, please don’t ask for the products, I genuinely can’t help you. Sorry.

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