Lowcock War Memorial

As part of my Lowcock Genealogy research, I have come across relatives who have served in the military. Where there is information available, I am building out pages so that their service and sacrifice is not forgotten.

If you have more information on these individuals, service records, medals, etc. please contact me. If there is a name on the list that does not have a link and you want more information, you should still reach out as I may have file notes that I can share.

Lowcock Family War Service Honor Roll

World War I

  • Sergeant Alfred Lowcock
  • Corporal Edwin Lowcock (also served in World War II)
  • Private John William Lowcock (d. 1916)
  • Captain Reginald John Lowcock (d. 1918)
  • Private James Lowcock
  • Private George Lowcock (research pending)
  • Jack Lowcock (rank unknown, research pending)
  • Private John Lowcock (d. 1918) (research pending)
  • Private TH Lowcock (d. 1918) (research pending)
  • Private E Lowcock (d. 1915) (research pending)
  • Corporal C Lowcock (d. 1917) (research pending)
  • First Engineer William Lowcock (d. 1917) (research pending)
  • Private E Lowcock (d. 1915) (research pending)
  • Driver William Lowcock (d. 1917) (research pending)
  • Private J Lowcock (d. 1918) (research pending)
  • Private Thomas Lowcock (d. 1917) (research pending)
  • Lieutenant A Lowcock (d. 1918) (research pending)
  • Private R Lowcock (d. 1915) (research pending)
  • Sergeant John Lowcock (d. 1918) (research pending)
  • Private H Lowcock (d. 1918) (research pending)
  • Private George Lowcock (d. 1915) (research pending)
  • Private Harold Lowcock (d. 1917) (research pending)
  • Private Harry Lowcock (d. 1916) (research pending)
  • Rifleman John Lowcock (d. 1916) (research pending)

World War II

  • Private James Lowcock (also served in World War I)
  • Private William (Bill) Mackenzie Lowcock
  • Ivor Lowcock (rank unknown, research pending)
  • Keneth Lowcock (rank unknown, research pending)
  • Albert Lowcock (rank unknown, research pending)
  • Fred Lowcock (rank unknown, research pending, note Edwin’s son)
  • Jack Lowcock (rank unknown, research pending, note Edwin’s son)
  • Jim Lowcock (rank unknown, research pending, note Edwin’s son)
  • Ronald Lowcock (rank unknown, research pending)
  • Arthur Lowcock (rank unknown, research pending)
  • Guardsman Frank Lowcock (d. 1944) (research pending)
  • Flying Officer Charles Lowcock (d. 1944) (research pending)
  • Flight Seargent David Lowcock (d. 1942) (research pending)
  • Warrant Officer Geoffrey Lowcock (d. 1945) (research pending)
  • Pilot Officer Henry Lowcock (d. 1943) (research pending)

Please keep in mind, the absence of a name or page is not that I am not recognizing their service. I either have not discovered them or have, research is progressing, or, as yet, been unable to build a page.

Private Bill Mackenzie Lowcock was a Prisoner of War (POW) of Japan and a forced laborer on the Thai-Burma railway. I have written a book of his experiences which is available for purchase from Amazon.com.

Lowcock Family History

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